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Guangdong Media: Lippi 1 points and Gao Hongbo move to different country foot on Lippi’s first training mission focused in Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Zhe Kunming in November 3, the Guangzhou Daily reporter Liao Yi photo photography column to prepare for the November 15th of 12 Saizhongka war, led by Lippi of the new national soccer team China November 3rd afternoon in Kunming Haigeng the first training base. 25 players to form the new country foot first received the command of Lippi, and Lippi take control of the country under the foot of an enormous amount of work team is also the first public appearance. The first training did not have too many fancy things, and the same as the predecessor of Gao Hongbo, the first training of the media only 15 minutes to open the Lippi. "Lippi country foot" in a slightly mysterious atmosphere officially set sail! The most easily China Football Association officials not training the governor in the tight loose outside the country foot foot atmosphere has not fully to the Kunming training camp for 5 years. Also in Kunming Haigeng base No. 15 and No. 16 national football training field, a training camp here is Camacho first training after taking office. Over the past 5 years, Haigeng base two of this block around the training ground does not change too much, but China football has changed. Compared with the previous national foot of the first training, the biggest difference is that there is no one of the Chinese Football Association officials on-site training, coach Lippi is the supreme commander of the national stadium. In accordance with the national team before the established schedule, the Orangemen in Kunming two weeks of training and life will be closed in Haigeng base, especially the media contact with the outside world as far as possible. Lippi was in charge of the country full after the previous training plan has been adjusted, in the first week of the Orangemen Haigeng base next to a new hotel, the second week stay in the hotel. In addition to the full training in Haigeng base, he does not prohibit players appropriate to downtown activities. Lippi didn’t want players with too much psychological pressure to prepare, he tried to use various means to create a relaxed atmosphere for the team. This is probably the biggest difference and the "high military" era. An hour before the start of training, the Chinese team has been working on the national team, a variety of training equipment and food, and once again inspected the site. Because of the relationship between Lippi, the country has nearly 50 reporters rushed to the scene in the first training foot Haigeng reported today. However, the national press officer in detail after the communication and Lippi decided to follow the practice of the previous era of Gao Hongbo, training is only open for 15 minutes, and do not arrange any players to be interviewed. In fact, during the coach Hengda Lippi, closed training is a routine practice. For him, the foot of the internal atmosphere can be relaxed, but training must be tight, do not want the outside world too much interference. As the national football team Lippi hands, 7 feet in addition to constant power on the training field to set an example, privately also undertakes the task of information feedback and Lippi players. As the league has just ended, players generally physical fatigue, so the first training in the body to restore the ball without training. In addition to Li Xuepeng because of the wound in the body alone on the sidelines laps, the other 24 per capita investment to participate in the first training. The next few days, Lippi will gradually arrange special training, but!相关的主题文章: