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Hainan some real estate developers do not accept refund Ning provident fund loans – Sohu news CNR net Haikou on September 29th news (reporter Zhu Yong) according to the China voice of "news" reports, in order to quickly digest commercial housing inventory, Hainan province this year, the continuous introduction of a "two suspended", including the use of housing provident fund, a number of "stock measures. "Two suspended" of commercial housing inventory digestion period exceeding the average level of the province’s cities and counties, suspended for new residential and hotel property, land use approval, suspend new residential project planning document. But part of Hainan just need buyers reflect, they want to use provident fund loans to buy commercial housing, but was rejected by developers. Reporter survey found that does not accept the accumulation fund loans in Hainan is not the case, developers do not accept provident fund loans, such issues and how to solve it? Haikou citizens Mr. Yan ready to buy a house, after a comparison, he chose located on the west coast of Haikou purple Park real estate, but developers have asked him to the designated bank for loans. "Anyway, you want to buy it to the designated banks to do business loans, and that is a fair sale, buy before I have to tell you verbally we can only do business loans, if you can accept to buy, do not buy can not accept you." Mr. Yan said that he has signed a contract with the developer, and pay the first payment, but the developer would rather not accept the loan fund loans. "They say a deputy general solution of this matter, the result is not to sit down and talk for five minutes, I gave two solutions at the time, the first release, the remaining about 1000000, don’t limit me, as long as I am in the agreed time, or to the bank or fund, you can’t go? Second not to buy, it is not, you give me my money back, I have talked about this time, the vice president said, I put the money back to you." Is located in Haikou City Yingbin Avenue Golden Island International real estate and Hengda Sea Flower Island project sales center, sales staff directly told reporters, do not accept the loan fund. "(Golden Island International) we do not only do the provident fund loans, provident fund extraction, can only do business loans, banks may be industrial and Everbright." (Hengda Sea Flower Island) does not accept the loan fund here, because the loan is relatively slow, so Hengda do not fund loans." Haikou is located in the Red Lake Lake City two is about to start from the Dajing program, developers posted notices said, real estate has not been completed, does not meet the conditions of the provident fund loans, buyers choose payment advice. The fund does not give us the other side of the record, we have to wait until the cap to the provident fund loans, if you wait until the cap over again, then the fund, the remaining units or not the rest are possible." The sales staff, the bank loan the fastest time for a month, and the provident fund center to three months, or even complex procedures to developers in the first half of the year, fast payment, provident fund loans are generally reluctant to do. In addition to slow payment, Hainan real estate association secretary general Wang Jing told reporters that many real estate projects with bank cooperation, commercial loans more convenient. Because a lot of real estate projects to do loans, project loans or land"相关的主题文章: