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UnCategorized If you’ve been up to date and savvy with your Halloween gear and looks, you will of course know that face painting is making a big splash, especially amongst kids. Face painting is much simpler than a full face make up. Instead of putting on layers of foundation, simple face painting or cheek art targets just one side of the face, turning this into fun cheek art that is fast be.ing popular in parties and fairs. Kids are especially fond of such make up, as they can have nice designs temporarily tattooed onto their cheeks, hands, and arms, all without worrying about removal after. Face painting is also safe: if you use face paints that are approved for use on the skin, and many of these face paints are water-based, so that removal after will involve gentle wiping with a paper towel soaked in water. If you are interested in Halloween face painting, then why not have a party built around this theme? Halloween face painting can be fun if you want to get your kids and your friends’ kids together, and still have them amused while the grownups have their own fun. You can also hold a Halloween face painting for kids at an orphanage or shelter, and show a lot of heart in what is traditionally the season of spooks. You can start off with six basic colors of face paint, which do not cost a lot. Practice your art, and master a few well-known Halloween images, such as a pumpkin, ghost, skull, haunted house, or, if you choose to be even more detailed and artistic, a vampire, zombie, or Frankenstein monster. Practice these images a few days before the big day, and get your kids to help you. You might also want to keep a few more non-Halloween fun images handy for adults who want to have their own face paint. You can have something as simple as stars or roses, or something as .plex as intricate butterflies. On the big day, have two different brush sizes ready, along with a basin of water and some paper towels to wipe off any excess paint. If you have a lot of kids at the party, have a sample of your designs ready so that the kids can pick what design they want to have on their arm, cheek, or even chest. You do not need to paint something detailed or masterful: cheek art is meant to be attractive, and it will wash off at the end of the night, so keep it simple but elegant. Here are a few other ideas for your Halloween face painting party. Have the kids design their own face paint, and give out a prize to the best design of the night. You can give away a set of face paints so that the kids can practice all the way till Christmas and another face painting Christmas party! Or you can give candies away to kids who have a specific cheek art on this can encourage the kids to have as many paintings on their bodies as possible so that they can have the greatest variety of candies. These are only a few ideas for your Halloween face painting party. Always make sure that your face paints are approved for use on skin, and that you test your face paints on the inside of your arm before using them. Have fun this Halloween and let your inner Picasso out, thanks to face painting! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: