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Hanzhoung bus air conditioning costs charged by the price department: 5 times the penalty of     Hanzhoung bus charge air conditioning fee was questioned, the price department at a penalty of five times. Western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Shi Kaiqiang) after a rain, the temperature dropped a lot sooner or later go out can obviously feel the coolness. In accordance with the provisions of the price department of Hanzhoung City, from September 15th to November 15th, Hanzhoung urban air conditioning bus no longer charge air conditioning fee, fare each time from two to one yuan, and recently Hanzhoung people told us that many bus lines did not perform, really like this? Hanzhoung bus air conditioning charge fee questioned the price department said at a fine of five times in a bus station Hanzhoung tophans Avenue, some passengers holding two dollars change, they said, no one told them the air-conditioned bus price, this car has two days to coin money two. Summer air conditioning bus energy consumption, more money should be, the two day the highest temperature is only more than and 20 degrees, the air conditioning did not open the car, then close the air conditioning fee would be justified. It is understood that in March this year, Hanzhoung Municipal Price Bureau issued clear, air-conditioned car in the city by the use of seasonal charges, every year from June 15th to September 15th, November 15th to March 15th is the air conditioning during the opening, two dollars per person, the rest of the time each time a piece of money, the bus now received two dollars belonging to illegal price. Hanzhoung Municipality deputy researcher Zhang Zhi told reporters, they found that after this case, has repeatedly contact the Hanzhoung City Public Transport Corporation, request back to the specified fare, refund the overcharged fare, and impose a fine of five times earnings on this basis. Since the price department has expressly provided, Hanzhoung bus why am wind charged air conditioning fee in Hanzhoung City Public Transport Corporation operation Department Director Yang Hui said, according to the documents, the price adjustment from the beginning of September 15th, during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday but that belongs to the part of the driver, not the company received the price adjustment notice. This is their management oversight, resulting in passenger complaints, the company has demanded the restoration of the spring and autumn fare.相关的主题文章: