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Hao Huijie was appointed Vice Mayor and acting mayor of Luohe Municipal People’s Government in September 19th, the sixth Luohe Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the thirty-second meeting of the decision: accept Cao Cunzheng resigned as mayor of Luohe Municipal People’s Government Office of the request, and report to the sixth session of the Luohe city people’s Congress for the record; at the same time, decided to appoint Hao Huijie as vice mayor of Luohe Municipal People’s government agency the mayor. Hao Huijie’s resume, Wang Hui Jie, Yu Jie, born in October 1968, Henan Zhongmu people, university degree, master degree in public administration, CPC members. He served as Deputy Secretary General of Henan Provincial People’s government, member of the Party committee of the general office, director of the Research Office of the provincial government and Secretary of the party committee. Cao Cunzheng resume Cao Cunzheng: male, Han nationality, born in October 1957, Henan, Fengqiu people. Graduate students, members of the CPC, January 1976 to participate in the work. Ju gang of middle school teachers in Fengqiu County of Henan Province, 1976.01 – 1978.02; 1978.02 – 1982.01 Zhengzhou University Department of economics and political economics majors; 1982.01 – 1983.11 Henan kaifengd prefectural Party school teacher; 1983.11 – Fengqiu 1984.11 Henan Province, deputy director of the office of the Secretary of the county; 1984.11 – 1988.03 Fengqiu County in Henan province zhengyanshi; Liuguang 1988.03 – 1989.03 Fengqiu County Township Mayor Henan province; 1989.03 – 1993.02 Yanjin County in Henan province deputy governor; 1993.02 – Yanjin 1998.01 Henan Province, deputy secretary of the Committee; 1998.01 to 1999.04 in Henan province Huojia County Deputy Secretary of the county; 1999.04 to 2002.08 in Henan province Huojia county Party Secretary; (1998.09 – 2001.12 at the Zhengzhou University School of public administration, administrative professional learning, received a master’s degree in Management) 2002.08 – 2006.12 River; Party members, deputy mayor of the municipal government of Luohe province in the South; 2006.12 – 2011.04 Henan Province, Luohe Municipal Committee, municipal government, deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy mayor; 2011.04 – 2011.09 Henan Province, Luohe municipal government deputy mayor and deputy party secretary, deputy secretary of Henan province; 2012.05 Luohe municipal Party committee 2011.09, party secretary, municipal government the mayor of Henan province since 2012.05; – vice secretary of Luohe municipal Party committee, municipal government and party secretary, mayor. (resume source: Luohe Municipal People’s Government Network)

蒿慧杰任漯河市人民政府副市长、代市长   9月19日,漯河市第六届人民代表大会常务委员会第三十二次会议决定: 接受曹存正辞去漯河市人民政府市长职务的请求,并报漯河市第六届人民代表大会备案;同时决定任命蒿慧杰为漯河市人民政府副市长、代理市长。   蒿慧杰简历 蒿慧杰 资料图   蒿慧杰,1968年10月生,河南中牟人,大学学历,在职公共管理硕士学位,中共党员。曾任河南省人民政府副秘书长、办公厅党组成员,省政府研究室主任、党组书记。   曹存正简历   曹存正:男,汉族,1957年10月出生,河南封丘人。硕士研究生,中共党员,1976年1月参加工作。   1976.01―1978.02 河南省封丘县巨岗中学教师;   1978.02―1982.01 郑州大学经济系政治经济学专业学习;   1982.01―1983.11 河南省开封地委党校教员;   1983.11―1984.11 河南省封丘县委办公室秘书;   1984.11―1988.03 河南省封丘县委政研室副主任;   1988.03―1989.03 河南省封丘县留光乡乡长;   1989.03―1993.02 河南省延津县副县长;   1993.02―1998.01 河南省延津县委副书记;   1998.01―1999.04 河南省获嘉县委副书记、县长;   1999.04―2002.08 河南省获嘉县委书记;   (1998.09―2001.12 在郑州大学公共管理学院学习行政管理专业,获管理学硕士学位);   2002.08―2006.12 河南省漯河市政府党组成员、副市长;   2006.12―2011.04 河南省漯河市委常委、市政府党组副书记、副市长;   2011.04―2011.09 河南省漯河市委常委、市政府党组副书记、常务副市长;   2011.09―2012.05 河南省漯河市委副书记,市政府党组书记、代市长;   2012.05―至今 河南省漯河市委副书记,市政府党组书记、市长。   (简历来源:漯河市人民政府网)相关的主题文章: