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Self-Improvement Ten thirty at night on Friday, December 26, two people died. An unhappy couple that had recently filed for divorce, Mary G. McNatt, age 69, and her husband, James Owen McNatt, age 73 were found dead, both at the hands of Mr. McNatt. Mrs. McNatt had reportedly told a friend previously that she was not happy with the marriage and actually afraid of her husband. Unfortunately, besides filing for divorce, nothing else was ever done to stop Mr. McNatt’s horrible behavior, and he ended up killing her by shooting her several times and then turned the gun on himself. This saddening incident should not have happened. Nothing like this should have to happen. It is all preventable. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, can give you the self defense training you need in order to prevent things like this from happening. At the age of 69, Mrs. McNatt was alive and well, but not as strong as she was in her younger days. However, the instructors at Front Sight teach you how to use your body, instead of only physical strength, to help protect yourself. If we had to rely on physical strength alone many women, myself included, would be out of luck against a male attacker. But it does not have to be that way. There are ways to outsmart and disarm an attacker without using any strength at all – which means people who are considered to be "weak," "feeble" or "physically challenged" still have a fighting chance. This is good to know! Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his staff of highly trained instructors at Front Sight want us to learn these techniques and skills that could save our lives. Through a variety of courses, such as handgun training, rifle training, edged weapons training and martial arts training, students are taught how to protect themselves against armed and unarmed attackers, single and multiple attackers and attackers with different types of weapons. Maybe a course at Front Sight could have taught Mrs. McNatt how to disarm her husband. Women, as well as men, owe it to themselves to learn self defenses mechanisms. Front Sight is the best place to learn these skills. Faith Guta, a student of Front Sight said, "You’ll never receive this type of training and information anywhere else. No matter what your skill level may be when you arrive, you will leave better equipped to protect yourself and your loved ones." Do not put yourself at risk to be a victim, ESPECIALLY if there is already an immediate threat. Get yourself trained! Friends of Mrs. McNatt speak of what a wonderful person she was, how loved she was by so many people and how much she will be missed. They say she "never got the chance to have her happy ending." Give yourself a chance at a happy ending. Be able to protect yourself against an attacker. Get trained NOW. If you wait until tomorrow, it is sad to say that it might be too late. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: