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The classification treatment system prototype appeared to straighten out the confusion treatment order into difficulty original title: multi classification treatment system prototype to show   straighten out the confusion deformity treatment order into difficulty how to change a big hospital, experts to hospital, a deserted house and idle resources of small hospital administration? How to establish a scientific layout, reasonable triage, efficient operation of the medical service system? In an interview with Beijing, Shanghai, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Fujian, Jiangsu, the reporter learned that, since "the general office of the State Council on promoting the construction of clinics grading system guidance" and other important documents issued, all the grading treatment as an important key to promoting health care reform and innovation, and improve the security, improve basic services ability to optimize the medical service system, diagnosis and classification system to meet the needs of society and the health law is taking shape in the country, and formed a series of initiatives to promote the experience is worth summarizing, the masses in the treatment of convenience, service target, expenses and gains bonus reform. People see a reasonable and voluntary sinking reporter interviewed found that the people at the grassroots level will strengthen medical care, primary health care trust, satisfaction, medical concept began to change. With the policy and resources to the grassroots, tilt to remote rural areas, local grassroots medical facilities and significantly enhance the level. Jiangsu Province, Qidong in the "12th Five-Year" period invested 32 million yuan to purchase ultrasound, DR, automatic biochemical analyzer and other medical equipment for the construction of township hospitals, 269 village health standard service station, the medical environment is greatly improved the original simple. Basic health services, software and hardware optimization, service capabilities significantly improved. In Jiangsu Zhenjiang City, community health institutions organized by the government, the construction of medical group integration management, in terms of hardware construction, teaching staff, experts Zuozhen, Internet information are helping the community cooperation. Zhenjiang Liming community health service center director Luan Limin said, the hospital is no longer bustling "patent", four or five hundred outpatient center every day. We have nearly 400 kinds of Western medicine, nearly 500 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, can fully meet the needs of patients with chronic diseases." Last year, Shanghai community health service center of diagnosis and treatment of about 84500000 people, more than the city’s emergency door for 1/3 of the total amount of nearly three level hospital, especially the elderly outpatient took 58.6% of the total. According to health department estimates, due to the zero slip policy of drug relief and community health service center outpatient service fee, "using prescription drugs in the community health service center opened, residents average outpatient pay average can be reduced to 7.03 yuan, the medical insurance fund in general can save expenditure. The 71 year old Zhenjiang shiye town residents Lv Mingqiang said: "in the past, regardless of a serious illness, have to go to the city, now the old problems, small problems are solved in the home, less expensive facilities." The Pagoda Road community health service center Chen Guimei told reporters, the residents are familiar with each other, nothing to measure blood pressure, and the doctors and nurses to chat, a lot of elderly patients with chronic diseases to chuanmenzi center "". Grassroots get together, the hospital is willing to put, two-way referral rust gear began handsome相关的主题文章: