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Sales Not all professional athletes make millions of dollars like those that participate in smaller non revenue producing sports. In order to be able to be a professional athlete full time, a lot of these athletes have to rely on the products and paychecks they receive from their sponsors and advertisers. Other athletes, that are constantly in the press however, make a lot of money playing their sport and sometimes more from their sponsorship contracts. One of the earliest athletes to really do this was NBA player, Michael Jordan who used his basketball skills to promote several products as well as apparel, toys, items and even basketball videos with his name on them. Wherever there is room to promote a sponsorship .pany, they will find a method to do it whether it is on the helmet of a race car driver or in the form of a temporary tattoo to professional beach volleyball player Gabrielle Reece. Athletes are given wonderful package deals to endorse a particular brand as a kind of spokesperson and in exchange they get .pensated with paychecks and products. For the less famous athletes, this is extremely helpful to provide them with the extra in.e they need to be able to train full time. For other highly .pensated athletes in sports as professional baseball, basketball and football players it is simply the cherry on top. Michael Jordan was one of the first professional athletes to start this trend and he ended up making more from those sponsors than he did playing basketball. The inital .panies saw the total star power in Michael Jordan and knew he would make the perfect marketer for their product. One example was Gatorade which was a sports drink that had existed for some time but when they got Michael Jordan to endorse Gatorade, sales rose quickly and it became the top selling sports drink. Now younger professional athletes that are making it to the big leagues see product endorsements as part of the entire deal when they be.e a professional. Many new athletes that are confident in themselves and their ability to represent a product even hold out for multi million dollars endorsement these days. One example of that youthful professional player is Le Bron James. He was in the headlines for his basketball abilities and noted to be the next Jordan when he was just a sophomore playing in Akron, Ohio. Now he is one the largest paid athletes with multiple endorsements. The biggest grossing professional athlete to receive the largest amount of endorsement deals in history is golfer, Tiger Woods. As an individual athlete, he is not paid by salary but rather by performance and the number of large golf tournaments he wins. Because he has been such a powerful and likeable force in his sport, his endorsements deals are earning him many million every year on top of his golf earnings. He also has recently lost many of these sponsors with the recent scandals of his several infidelities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: