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Advertising Netflix has revolutionized the way people watch movies, and with their streaming service seriously creating a stir, millions of Americans have jumped on board. Pushing some nearly 15,000 titles is just the beginning, because in recent news, the mighty movie service has announced partnerships with nearly every major studio, bringing more streaming content than ever before, to the United States. But what about the rest of the world, especially Canada, shouldn’t they get access to top-notch entertainment. If youre currently in Canada and youre looking at your queue, youll notice that you can only choose from around 2,500 titles, and thats not much .pared to what the United States gets. However, just because it seems like you cant have the same amount of viewing, doesnt mean there isnt a loophole, and thats what we are going to talk about right now. There is a method that can get you 12,000 more titles instantly, without having to do something illegal or insane. Netflix Canada streaming doesnt have to be limited, and its being showcased by many that are finding out this trade secret. First and foremost, you dont need to do anything drastic, nor do you need to be a .puter genius. The method involves circumventing the servers that tell Netflix that youre watching from Canada. Instead, you are going to be streaming as if you were a United States viewer, opening up the doors to so much entertainment, that you wont have enough time to see it all. For those that are worried about this, its important to understand that you can try out the service that helps you change the proxy of your streaming with relative ease. When you invest a little time moving forward with Netflix Canada and want to open up the power of their streams, youll have a choice of getting 7 days free to test the waters. Youll see that within those 7 days you will have access to movies, music videos, television shows, and so much entertainment that you will be shocked at how much a different a simple guide makes. I know, there are going to be skeptics out there that wont believe that you can truly change the way you are watching your streaming media, and thats fine. If you dont want to increase your options by 12,000 movies and tv shows, thats ok. However, if you have an inkling that this will work, Netflix Canada is getting short changed, and people from all over the country are realizing this. When calling Netflix, they will cite that there are problems with the rights holders, and will not increase your options. If you want to seriously change the way you get entertainment in your home, you absolutely need to look into this simple trick that will get you tens of thousands of hit movies and television shows, with unlimited streaming. Dont let the red envelope .pany stop you from getting access to what the United States is getting, youre so close, you can simply turn a switch and get the same that they are, and enjoy movie night in a whole new way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: