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The U.S. has such a car culture that one of the most .mon situations where we .municate with many people is in traffic. In Europe and other places it’s quite different. People mostly walk, and there are lots of public spaces for people to congregate and meet each other. However, in America, we spend a good chunk of our lives in our cars, looking at the floating heads of strangers, fogged by two layers of window. It’s a strange thing evolutionarily. Our brains did not evolve for eons for this kind situation. And yet here we are. One of the great things about being human is that we can create new things, and then adapt to them. Our brains are adaptation machines! And there are definitely ways to adapt to the inherent obstacles of meeting women in traffic, or any situation for that matter. How often have you been sitting at a light, and you look over and see a HOT older woman in a minvan…I mean a real MILF, and you just wanted to say something, but you didn’t know how? Or maybe you’re on the highway, and you look over to the next lane to see a cute young woman with a great set of perky breasts and long blond hair bunched in a pony-tail… So what do you DO? Well this take to a deeper issue that I want to go over. You see, I’m a big proponent of SAVING TIME. I don’t like to spend a lot of time preparing what to say, and talking to a woman that may not be available or interested. So I like to do things efficiently. I like to go direct, and I like to begin escalating quickly. I honestly WANT the girl to have the opportunity to reject me. That way, if she does, I can move one without wasting another second of my time, which is very valuable these days. My attitude is the same in traffic, and in fact it’s easier to "open" a lot of women in traffic, with ZERO risk. The great thing is, if she .plies with you by actually talking to you or giving you her number (as I’ll tell you how to do in a second), there’s an almost certain chance of a successful out.e. There are two ways to go about meeting women while in traffic. Keep in mind I’m not talking about women walking on the street, as you drive by. I’m talking car-to-car here. The first way is exchanging numbers. You can do this by giving her your number, or by her giving you hers. There are a variety of methods for this. You can lean out of your window and simply say "Hey! You’re a cutie. I got a boring drive ahead of me. How bout I give you a call!" Or you could do something situational, like if you’re stuck in a traffic jam, roll your window down, get her attention – be sure to smile – and say "looks like we’ll be here for a while. I think you’re cute. Let’s talk!" Another thing you can do is write your number on a piece of paper in big clear numbers, and add something like "EMERGENCY – dial this number now," or "SOS," or something funny that will make the girl curious. Get her attention and put it up on the window. You’ll probably want to write out your message ahead of time and keep it in the car at all times since ykou never know when you’ll see a cute women in traffic. The other thing you can do is go for a quick instadate on the spot. Instead of going for a number exchange, you can just say – "Hey! I think you’re gorgeous. How bout some coffee – pull into the starbucks up the road!" I want to make something clear. Your percentage of actual closes in traffic is going to be quite small. But that’s OK. It’s a very tough situation logistically. The great thing is that it’s really easy and you can do it ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I don’t know about you, but driving isn’t very exciting. This is a way to make your trip more fun. It’s not like you have anything better to do – you’re just sitting there. It takes almost no effort, and you’ll never see these women again! So there’s no risk, no cost, just the potential for a great out.e. And like I said, if the woman .plies, you can bet that’s a solid number. And if she actually stops somewhere to meet you, you can bet she’s horny and has nothing better to do! The key to all this is to be silly and spontaneous, and just GO FOR IT. If that sounds hard for you, because you don’t consider yourself a fun, silly, spontaneous guy, I beg to differ. Every guy has the ability to be a pickup artist and make the more opportunities. Copyright (c) 2010 Vin DiCarlo 相关的主题文章: