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Marketing Restaurant owners and managers have increasingly found that gift and loyalty card programs can bring in new customers and business. Gift cards are .mon gifts and each customer that visits after receiving a gift card is a potential returning guest. Loyalty cards can be tied to discounts or rewards for frequent visits and encourage repeat visits. If you are starting a new gift or loyalty card program, there are steps you can take to maximize the new business that they can bring in for your restaurant. Create Your Gift or Loyalty Card Program The first step to attracting new customers is deciding when and how to implement your gift card and loyalty card programs. Decide what types of cards you want to implement and how they will be advertised to your customers. You will also need software to track your gift or loyalty card program. Make sure that your system has the ability to track your program. If you don’t have a system in place, contact your POS Software representative to inquire into the possibility of adding a module to support your card program. Different software .panies treat this capability differently and they may charge for the tracking functionality. It’s best to explore and discover the functionality of your software prior to ordering gift or loyalty cards. Create a Gift Card Package Gift cards sell better if they are displayed prominently and professionally. Make sure your cards are easily noticed by your customers by using acrylic displays and sales. Display cards near the register or in prominent positions. Advertise in waiting areas or by the front door that gift cards are available for purchase. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to find and purchase your cards. Create a Lasting Impression What causes some gift cards to outsell others by as much as 2 to 1? The answer is custom artwork! A plain card does not attract attention and may not appear to be a pleasing gift. Creating a well thought out layout and design will result in higher sales. Creating your card does not have to be hard or expensive. Plastic Print Solutions offers free online tools that make it easy for you to design your gift or loyalty cards and to place your online order. Consider creating seasonal cards for special holidays to make an appealing gift. Use Card Carriers for Attractive Presentations Along with your custom gift cards, many restaurants choose to use a custom designed paper card carrier. Customers often choose cards that make attractive gifts or have special "extras" like carriers that are included with the gift card package. Visit Plastic Print Solutions for a variety of card carrier choices and to use the design tools to create a customized product. Gift cards and loyalty cards are excellent for attracting new customers to your restaurant. The most successful restaurant gift card programs involve more than just ordering a set of plain, ordinary cards and having them available on request. Like every other aspect of your business, creating a valuable gift card program requires setting up a plan in advance, marketing your new gift card program, and paying attention to the details of creating a quality product. Plastic Print Solutions can help make this job easier and more affordable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: