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is a year to the Spring Festival, old classmates will inevitably come together 35 cups, once a year the loading force once again staged a grand feast, remembered before seen Duan said, "today there are several reunions, a good mix of students driving a luxury car, wearing a famous brand, after drinking a little wine in the wine to brag about how awesome, but at the end of the day, they do not speak, have looked down to find the wallet, I silently turned to the bar bill, and rode 28 of my home, home after take out their wallet, you say, they really have money…" Well, this turn turn even the older drivers have waist!

actually, the loading force is not difficult, the difficulty is how to quietly elegant act. As the loading force field expert, I feel obligated to teach you a few tricks with you B take you to fly.

take you to take you to fly B

take iPhone is loaded force?

many people think that the latest iPhone is loaded, for this point of view, I can only say, "too young too simple". This year iPhone will soon become the standard is good, with iPhone has not loaded to force, but left behind. You need is expensive enough, and it is difficult to buy the phone, such as millet MIX, the dream of a full screen design is absolutely not to want to throw the iPhone, the focus is that it is very difficult to buy, hit probability is low enough. Another example is HUAWEI Porsche Mate 9 edition, "whore" sign should recognize it, close to the million price is absolutely high handsome rich special.

millet MIX HUAWEI Mate 9 Porsche Edition

show thundering jingle

can not afford to buy expensive and difficult to buy the mobile phone also never mind, silently install 20 stocks application, eat casually open to let others see, someone asked you can casually said: "Alas, last year the market is not, the stock market in about 3000000, set the end, fortunately earned back, next year is the main trend of futures, next year do not know, I give you talk about…"

install a screen of the stock application


without showing feelings.

looking for a beautiful life as a screensaver, as long as the fresh and natural beauty is good, the less people know better, put the mobile phone on the desktop, mobile phone inadvertently lit up, facing the same seat as if fierce tigers eyes, can be said lightly, my girlfriend. If it is pulled asked to no end, can stand up to say, "brother a few rare gathered today, don’t talk to a woman, the first for the king!"

is so beautiful

phone to understand you more

35 cup after the head a little dizzy, readily lost;