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Hubei mountebanks false advertising business for Luo Ming of Hubei who spent a costly 2 million flower (a pseudonym) with his brother and aunt rented houses in Hubei and Beijing, respectively, the production of "Fengshigutong capsule" and "Fengshishengyao and fake, advertising through the network company, light promotion costs as much as 200 yuan. Results the family was selling counterfeit Huaian Hongze police Duandiao, 24 reporters learned that the Hongze District of Huaian city procuratorate prosecution, Luo Ming and other three per capita for the production and sale of counterfeit crime was sentenced to three to ten years in prison and fined 1 million to 8 million. In October 2014, the Hongze police received the alarm local residents Chan, reflect their own by a black clinic "doctor" deception, taking the "fake", unknown source or origin leading to their extreme physical discomfort and illness. After receiving the report, the public security organs in the investigation, quickly put on suspicion of selling counterfeit "doctor" Sun Biao (a pseudonym) arrested, and from the residence and found "Fengshigutong capsule" and "Fengshishengyao" drug box and dozens of unknown source or origin of more than and 60 suspected network consumers express a single. The food and drug supervision and management departments to identify, the batch of drugs for approval of counterfeit impersonation. According to Sun Biao account, he did not qualify to practice, just rely on from the Internet to learn medical knowledge, opened a so-called "Chinese health club", and in the online shopping form of drug for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, and other chronic diseases. According to Sun Biao’s account, he opened the black clinics in the express list, Hongze police have repeatedly went to Wuhan, Beijing and other places to carry out investigation, May 2015, the assistance of local police, the Luo Ming brothers and their aunt in Beijing rent was successfully captured. Hongze District Procuratorate, Hongze district court sentenced Luo Ming was sentenced to eleven years imprisonment and fined eight million yuan, Luo Ming’s brother was sentenced to three years imprisonment and fined one million yuan, while their aunt was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years, and fined two million yuan. She is forbidden to engage in drug production and sales and related activities in the probation period. The production of counterfeit sales chain from "home" to buy the hands of semi-finished products according to Luo Ming explained that during the period from January 2014 to January 2015, he did not obtain the approval of the relevant departments case, from Chen (has ruled) hands purchase semi-finished drugs packaging production approval number impersonation "Fengshigutong capsule and other drugs, and foreign affiliated to Beijing 100730 rheumatism bone disease rehabilitation center in the name of sales. His brother is responsible for packaging, sending fake, and their aunt as the role of customer service, responsible for answering the telephone. Network promotion fake spent about 2000000 according to Luo Ming et al explain them through a network company, Beijing violations issued false propaganda, take the express logistics delivery to Beijing, Hubei, Jiangsu and other places with thousands of sales of counterfeit drugs. According to the authorities handling the investigation, Luo Ming et al. In order to attract victims deceived, but also spent a costly, single payment and promotion expenses to a Beijing network company on the Internet is as high as 200 yuan, and they collected by the logistics company’s payment amount is up to more than 530. "Run"相关的主题文章: