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Hunan satellite TV, "the first grade" dormitory floor and PK lost sleep on the floor — Sohu entertainment "the first grade student dormitory" graduation season? Sohu Hunan TV entertainment news fourth quarter original brand column "the first grade graduation season?" recently released a set of student dormitory, there are sharp eyed Netizens found stills not only open university dormitory kitchen rarely appears, a double bed is more eye-catching "the first grade? What is this graduation season" play? "The first grade Hunan satellite TV will broadcast the fourth quarter of October 22nd?" to choose to record the graduation season in the drama, in fact, as early as last season of season hit, the drama star dormitory is caused the attention of the audience. This year’s graduation season of the bedroom are exposed when it is quickly became popular network, stills from the point of view, in addition to the conventional university dormitory toilet beds and chairs, more open kitchen pots and pans, placed everywhere with warm green plants, and even coffee machines and other small appliances of life attitude adjustment situation, so it feels like a small the apartment has forced, not only let users lamented someone’s dormitory "went up one level. However, the dormitory as one of the most striking or bedding color and bedroom layout. Men sleep hit the dark, even the bed four pieces are uniform gray black stripes; and female Sleep Dreamy pink is setting a fairy tale atmosphere, people could not help but sigh the high value of the dormitory was Yan Yan control benefits. Regardless of male or female sleep sleep middle floor were also placed a bed, is it not good students playing on the floor? At the same time, some netizens pointed out that the internal layout of boys and girls seem to be a "neighbor", and the living room, kitchen and other public areas should be. More surprising is that a double bed, a pillow placed two out there in the bedroom. A time attracted netizens brain hole wide open, who is the hero of this double bed? It is reported that this year, "the first grade graduation season?" will continue to use the training students and in competition mode, the two sides will be in the teaching and learning under the condition of equal accommodation to live together, and for the final graduation drama role selection. In view of this, men and women "lie" to create graduate apartments, learning life together students also have to face cruel competition is the enemy is * * *, how to get along with friends in the same environment, will be the highlights of this year’s program.相关的主题文章: