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In 2016 44 US women’s singles made: Gobel Venky led the Tencent in August 27th 2016 sports the US Open tennis tournament held the draw ceremony, the No. 2 seed, Germany’s Gobel guarding the 44 division, the first round opponent is Herr Coorg from Slovenia. Another big seed in the same area is Italy veteran Vinci, the first round of the 7 seed will meet the challenge of the German player, Fred Sam. In addition, before the Australian Open women’s singles runner up Cibulkova, two time Wimbledon champion Czech’s Covey Tova and Romania players bedgood also gathered in this area for a semi-final tickets. No one in this area for China jinhua. The 2016 US Open women’s singles 44 made the first round of the second round of the third round of the 18 finals of the 14 semi-finals (7) Vinci (Italy) Friedrich Sam (Germany) Mchale (USA) barssel (Germany) Tingsaiwa Pu (Kazakhstan) lisicki (Germany) Victor Hefute (Germany) (30) Misaki DOI (Japan) (21) bedgood (Romania) special Su (Ukraine) Wang Yafan (China Glencoe) van uytvanck (Belgium) Collins (USA), Dina Lynette (Russia) (Poland) (12) Cibulkova (Slovakia) (14) Covey Tova (Czech) Asta Penco (Latvia) Falconi (USA) Buyo Kark Kay Sass Aganovich (Turkey) (Belarus) Davies (USA) Minella (Luxemburg) (22) J Vito Lina (Ukraine) (27) (Italy) Erani Rodgers (United States) Belis (USA) Grube Chi (Switzerland) (Kone Lucic (France) Croatia) Herr Coorg (Slovenia) (2) Gobel (Germany) (small)相关的主题文章: