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SEO Webinars have been around for a while now, and most of us have had some exposure to this great presentation tool, but are you using webinars for your Internet marketing? Webinars and the new Google+ Hangouts are both great ways for business owners to interact with their audience on a personal level, promoting trust and providing increased brand awareness. Were all aware of the benefits of blogging, but webinars and Google+ Hangouts provide the added benefit of allowing customers to interact with your business on a much more personal level. Today, were going to explore webinars and Google+ Hangouts and show how they can be valuable tools for your .panys Internet Marketing. Webinars If you have a tutorial on a product or topic, or expert advice to offer to your customers, you should consider hosting a webinar. Webinars allow users to join in to your presentation online and interact with you with questions and screen sharing. In order to host a webinar you will need a service such as, Go to Webinar, WebEx or any other service. Webinars are great for introducing new products and showing how they are used. Additionally, you might want to offer advice or tutorials for your industry, helping to showcase your expertise. Some of the benefits of webinars include: Allows businesses to send event reminders and email invitations Lead generation requiring registration allows you to capture email information for prospective customers Promotes a sense of trust, as people love to see who they are doing business with face-to-face Promotes brand awareness and portrays you as the expert in the field Conversion tool use webinars to promote the product, then convert the customer with a call-to-action at the conclusion of the event, or if you are providing expert information or training, charge a fee to join the webinar. Google+ Hangouts Google+ Hangouts allow businesses to join a video call from any device type, including desktop and mobile and it is free to place calls from .puter to mobile within the US and Canada. Hangouts on Air give businesses the ability to stream their hangout live and save the event to YouTube for future viewing and promotion. Since Google owns YouTube, these Hangouts are indexed and searchable so this can provide your business with local search optimization services benefits. Be sure to promote your Google Hangouts on Air on all of your social media platforms, and provide links on your website and marketing emails. Google+ Hangouts are relatively new, and businesses are beginning to realize the effectiveness of this powerful Inter. marketing tool. If youre looking for some ideas to get started with Google+ Hangouts, or Hangouts On Air, here are a few ideas: Live streaming of seminars, concerts, events Introduce and demonstrate new products Live stream a successful service call Host a Q&A session Host a technical session, DIY solution session or product tutorial Clearly, there are huge inter. marketing benefits for businesses willing to take the time to host webinars and Google+ Hangouts. If your business needs help, Contact us for expert advice regarding all your inter. marketing in Toronto . Source: 相关的主题文章: