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these hotel industry terminology is composed of EI (AHLEI) contribution, are willing to pose up Curve Wrecker, this can be for collection; dumbass not interested, just remember a few can also be installed to a hard!


ADR (average daily rate)

average daily price, method of calculation: room revenue / actual number of rooms sold.

Alternative accommodations

other accommodation, among other types of hotel accommodation outside such as apartments, houses, cruise etc..

Average Rate (APR)

PublishedThe average premium rate of

, according to the different Fangxing different periods in a year averaged. When the hotel in the hotel survey report did not provide data information, as the reference rate will calculate the average price of approximately.



Hotel census statistics, including the total number of specific segments of the hotel and the total number of rooms.

Chain Scales

chain hotel brand level, which is a way to divide the hotel chain, the hotel chain in accordance with the actual average price of different categories. Single hotel (non chain) regardless of how the price level is classified as a separate category. Hotel brand level is divided into the following seven categories:

Luxury chains El Luxor Hotel chain

Upper chains ultra high end hotel chain


Upscale chains high-end hotel chain

Upper chains mid-range hotel chain

on the side of Midscale

Midscale chains mid-range hotel chain

Economy chains Econo Hotel chain

Independents monomer hotel, that is, only one, no branch".