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Investment linked insurance included in the short range Philip Kang Renshou Sun Life Everbright high proportion of premium to be adjusted Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them!   each reporter Tu Yinghao recently, the regulatory authorities for short duration supervision of insurance products continue to strengthen, let the hot moment of universal insurance products hit. Recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission once again shot, the investment linked insurance is also incorporated into the short range of products to expand the scope of unified supervision. So, compared to the previous regulatory policy, the new rules of life insurance which is different, what will be the impact of the relevant insurance firms? Under tighter regulation, how to be more reliant on such products of insurance companies respond? In response to the above issues, the daily economic news reporter conducted a survey interview. In September 6th, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued "on the further perfection of notice related matters of personal insurance actuarial system" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the investment linked insurance, variable annuity insurance, included in the short duration range of products for the insurance company according to the actual situation assessment. This completely cut off some of the insurance companies in universal insurance by the short deposit renewal product under the influence of the new deal, trying to use investment linked insurance to impact the size of the market idea. It is understood that in July this year, Hong Kang Renshou, Sun Life Everbright investment linked insurance premiums are over 20 billion yuan, two investment linked insurance industry accounted for the premium income of nearly 80%, compared to other insurance firms affected significantly. Philip Kang Renshou, Sun Life Everbright Investment Linked Insurance Premiums accounted for the size of the premium rates were 91.37% and 84.04%, need to adjust product strategy. Warburg securities insurance industry researcher Luo Xiang told the "daily economic news" reporter, this will be included in the short duration of investment linked insurance product range, is designed to compress the high part of the insurance company in short duration products accounted for, avoid excessive speculation". The Philip Kang Renshou, Sun Life Everbright and investment linked insurance premiums accounted for relatively large insurance firms influence, but is not expected to appear cliff style crash, after all, the new regulations also give the insurance company a transition time. Philip Kang Renshou: a premium about 20000000000 "daily economic news" reporter noted earlier, in 2015, Hong Kang Renshou with an investment linked insurance products to achieve premium income of 21 billion 300 million yuan, accounting for 88% of the top five products. Over the same period, in 73 family life insurance companies, the total premium of more than $20 billion only 23. This means that the Hong Kong life insurance products to achieve a premium income beyond the total premium income of nearly 70% of the industry. According to the disclosure of the annual report, the product of endowment insurance for hykon online financial plan (equity-linked). In 2015, Warburg securities investment linked insurance report, Philip Kang Renshou financial Jingdong in Hong Kang sales online financial planning of endowment insurance products, 50% investment in the steady increase in profits, increased profits 180 50% investment accounts, investment accounts, are in fixed income accounts. The so-called fixed income account, namely, the scope of investment accounts include debt plans, real estate plans and fixed income trust schemes and other non-standard assets, excluding stocks, equity funds, futures相关的主题文章: