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IP hatch, "Picacho is alive" — people.com.cn game original title: IP hatch, "Picacho is alive" there are many examples of tags in the popular mobile phone game "Pokemon" go body: AR (augmented reality) technology, Nintendo’s first Mobile Games, Google map data and the Picacho have not much to do super ip. Nintendo has in the last century in 80s with a red and white machine dominate the whole game industry, at the beginning of the new century, also briefly with subversive Wii sense of home video game console, the successful opening of the domestic market, especially those who hate the game moms, even willing to play through the Wii fitness game. But the subsequent launch of the Nintendo host wiiu but because of the arrival of the mobile Internet era and quite lonely, at the end of March this year, the product sold only 12 million 800 thousand units, 100 million units of sales target distance is too far. Nintendo first quarter net loss of $216 million, making it a veteran game company by many people questioned. And many of the old cultural and creative enterprises, Nintendo also has a large number of classic Super IP, for example, sales of "super Mario" and "demon treasure dream" series of two games in the history of the game, and the comprehensive evaluation of the global media highest "Zelda" series of games. With these irreplaceable resources, how should hatch these super IP? The explosion of mobile phone game "Pokemon go" point of view, the domestic game player are familiar with Picacho, Nintendo chose not to eat their adorable pet ", but with a unique gaming experience to strengthen the IP derivative. Picacho is quite famous, as in war, develop the protagonist of the game is very suitable, there seems to be a shortcut, is now very fire card type mobile phone games, perhaps also can stimulate the enthusiasm of game player. But Nintendo did not do things carelessly, choose "catch adorable pet" experiential play, if you can find the adorable pet in reality, whether the game player will find it more interesting? Game design, each adorable pet haunt in the virtual world of the location is very particular about, and that the virtual location and the reality map height match. The new problem has come: hardcore fans are familiar with Meng pet characteristics, how to set up and reflect in the game? With the help of Google map data making mobile games, has been a very innovative approach, and this is also a suction powder design. Just as Nintendo Wii somatosensory Games successfully in women and the family completely missed the game to absorb in the same, this time, Picacho’s task is to those who are keen on outdoor sports, not so much time to play the game population fragmentation absorb. Pokemon go gameplay seems simple, but it is very realistic, has exceeded the Picacho in the past to attract young people as the main radiation range. Moreover, the new play more healthy, can completely let the house in the home game and bow family, to the outside world to enjoy more exciting. This game allows players to develop a simple game experience from the pet and cross the border into a new game world. If there is no high-tech, but also how to develop travel相关的主题文章: