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Health Food safety is the main demand of the customers which require that the ingredients used by the suppliers for their product are safe. So international organization for standardization (iso) has developed iso 22000 which is a food safety management system certification. Iso 22000 is applicable to any management system involved in any aspect of food chain. It ensures that food is safe at the time of human consumption. Iso certified .pany provides confidence to the customers to buy their products without any worry. For the food and beverages industries safety and quality is not just regulatory .pliance issue, but a key issue so as to build the brand value. iso 22000 training focuses mainly on teaching students an effective approach for auditing food safety management systems. Iso 22000 training is to be obtained by anyone who may be involved in either support or actual implementation of a food safety management system or HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points)-based system, food safety consultants or anyone linked with any aspect of food chain. Training helps the organization to improve its business, increase efficiencies and also to reduce the risk. Online training is also available. Is0 22000 regulatory requirements vary from .pany to .pany and country to country. .pany must identify the requirements that apply to its food safety management system. Customer requirements must also be considered. Iso 22000:2005 contains the overall guidelines for food safety management. The benefits of iso 22000 certification include improved documentation, .plied with haccp principles, internationally recognized standards, dynamic .munication on food safety issues with suppliers, regulatory bodies, customers and other interested parties. Iso 22000 standards require food safety system process including effective program in place to ensure a clean sanitary environment, a haccp plan developed to prevent food safety hazards, established documented food safety management system processes to manage food safety throughout the organization- from management and business planning aspect to day to day .munication and operations affecting food safety. Many feel haccp and iso 22000 are the same. But it is not true. The main difference between the two is that haccp is a system whereas iso 22000 is a standard. Iso 22000 should be used to monitor the success of haccp analysis. Haccp is not solely enough for a .pany to show that they are doing good enough, iso 22000 is also equally important. The consequence of unsafe food is really dangerous. Also many of todays food products cross national boundaries, which make it essential to ensure the safety of the global food supply chain. And thus Iso 22000 food safety management standards help .anizations to identify and control food safety hazards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: