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IZZO golf GPS Chinese listed included 97.3% global Sohu sports stadium –   how, rapid development of intelligent today, a few people did not use electronic products, some people never used a map or navigator? GPS (Global Positioning System) in today’s era of the role and value is beyond doubt, it has become an indispensable necessity in people’s work and life. Lin Hui Golf and purchase platform () focus on market demand and development, has become a famous brand IZZO distributor in Chinese, IZZO SWAMI GPS 4000+ into the China market and exclusive listing! IZZO the latest GPS will be a good helper for golfers to end up enjoying the green sport. Lin Hui of the IZZO SWAMI GPS Golf and purchase 4000+ positioning system of exclusive agency from the Callaway family, has the world’s leading technology and solid quality assurance. Built in GPS, with more than 30000 of the world golf course map, using the global GPS navigation system, can easily and accurately calculate the flagstick before, during and after the location, size, length and width of the bunker, water barrier, barrier width of the woods. Waterproof design of intelligent swing distance, play performance record, and is a smart caddie worth every golfers have "".   IZZO navigator is mainly: 1, large amount of data, collected nearly 97.3% golf course map. 2, the error rate is low, after nearly a hundred golf courses in China for many times, the straight-line distance is basically a zero error. 3, small size, grip in the hand just to the location, easy to carry. 4, scalability, and now supports Chinese, English, Japanese, Han Wen, French, Spanish, etc. according to the needs of the market, the product version and the stadium map can continue to upgrade.   according to the report data show that: by the end of 2015, the whole world has 34011 golf facilities in 206 countries, which have the number of golf facilities in five countries for the largest Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States (in alphabetical order), and the IZZO research and development of the new product GPS navigator the course information stored, there are 33103 stadium total global golf course 97.3%, among them, there are 4683 golf courses in Asia, China accounted for 488. The utility model has the advantages of global satellite positioning after it can search the global 97.3% course information, this is the general electronic caddies do not.   IZZO navigator with compact appearance, convenient carrying. High 9.5cm, wide 5cm, heavy 90g, and 6 waterproof. The charging time is short, long time consumption, and is equipped with the exclusive clamp box, can be worn with the waist, save space, USB data line exclusive, can be inserted into the computer transmission and statistical data, exclusive protection bags, can be convenient to carry in the navigator and is not easy to wear in the bag, all kinds of humanized configuration. IZZO SWAMI 4000+ GPS:  相关的主题文章: