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Stocks-Mutual-Funds It’s quite an amazing story but James Connelly started out as a humble student trying to make a living. He started out with a modest amount of money trading stocks and over time formulated a system that he never sold. This system has enabled him to make over a million dollars in just 13 months by trading stocks. He achieved really good results by trading normal stocks, but when he switched to trading penny stocks he observed that his average returns were even higher. Secret Trading Formula If you’ve traded stocks for any length of time you’ll find that certain traders develop systems over time that work for them. Obviously when someone is making money they aren’t actually going to tell you the minutiae of how their system works because that is their advantage for making money as a trader. James Connelly has a system that works by identifying 4 key variables which identify whether or not a stock is about to break through. In his system he combines psychological support level (PSL) with those 4 variables to predict bullish trading patterns in those stocks prior to them even happening. On average his system predicts these gains 24 to 48 hours in advance, so he can effectively cash out within 2 days and keep the funds moving to place new trades. This is essentially what makes his system so powerful because he does not have patient money waiting in stocks. Instead, his system identifies imminent movements so he can place his trade just before the penny stock moves decisively. Penny Stock Prophet Newsletter Although James Connelly has never actually sold or revealed his system to others, he continues to use it to this day to pick and profit by actively trading penny stocks. He conducted a test over a 30 day timeframe for members of his newsletter and achieved 45% average returns and all trades led from inception to exit in 24-48 hours. His Penny Stock Prophet newsletter is a limited opportunity that members can join in order to trade alongside James Connelly by utilizing his personal penny stock picks that he shares with this private group. Members of his newsletter gain access to penny stock alerts as they happen and his research on these stocks. The good thing about this newsletter is that you get stock trading picks selected by someone who has already made a 7 figure sum by trading actively, so you can follow in his footsteps. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: