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Japanese media: Lippi or claim to emulate Japan youth like Japanese players – super sports Sohu   foreign media screenshot Beijing on November 10th news, according to Japanese media reports, recently became the new national team coach Lippi Chinese past career trophy, not only led the Italy team won the 2006 World Cup champion, in Guangzhou Hengda period the team also become super league champion and AFC Champions League. He is very impressed with the effectiveness of Japan’s youth, in charge of China, not only to obtain the right to qualify for the world cup, but also be expected to become a completely enhance the strength of the country’s magic master." Reported that Lippi is likely to follow the example of Japan’s youth training model. The Chinese football and the level of development of Japanese football is not a small gap, Lippi pointed out that in early 1990s the Japanese level even as China, in a short period of about 20 years, the strength of the rapid growth of the China football left far behind, become strong in Asian football is an indisputable fact. Lippi believes that a big cause of the rise of Japanese football is very attention to training young talent reserve force, Momoka Ezu was born is to rely on the cultivation mechanism of the advanced. Lippi saw that year was not yet 18 years old, when the performance of the field on the floor, the latter was surprised by the excellent ability to respond to the game and a good sense of the ball of the ball on the floor of the game on the floor of the performance of the game in the presence of the age of. Lippi said that Japan can come forth in large numbers of outstanding young talent, cannot do without family support for children, actively learn from Brazil, Germany and the UK football advanced countries cultivation mechanism and set up similar training environment, nearly 20 years of football become Japanese people accept education gas is one of the projects, and established a complete set of cultivation system. Lippi said, Momoka Ezu, Shunsuke Nakamura, Hatomo Yuto and Honda Keisuke and other Japanese players have one thing in common, that is, the ability to pick up and the ball is very strong, "has a very good sense of ball", this is their start in training and accumulation from childhood. Japanese media pointed out that Chinese also envy Japan this excellent youth training mechanism, "and Lippi’s Chinese team, is likely to accelerate the reform of China youth system, he advocated Chinese also actively follow the Japanese football growth pattern, start from the foundation thoroughly improve strength China players." The article also specifically mentioned in the Chinese, football is also enjoys high popularity of the sport, to thoroughly improve the school environment, let the children grow up in a better football environment, Chinese become a football power is not a piece of paper talk." (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: