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Jiang Shuying fancy clothing products show little small bag to help lead: leg goddess Jiang Shuying Street recently also many, has been recognized as a good clothing products, the new airport look an all black modeling is a gas field full of small fresh air control, usually also pure and moving, to promote the clothing to learn more of her dress take it. (source: love beautiful) Jiang Shuying new airport look, a All black dress cool, stepping on the foot of BINGXU white shoes, small dew shoulder temptation Oh, back Prada handbag collocation gold wide straps, there is grass? Jiang Shuying demonstration take the white T-shirt with white t wearing red skirt and white loafer, sports girl wind, carrying a LOEWE bag luoyiwei panda cute personality, this bag is also the last to not fire. White t+ wide leg pants white T-shirt with jeans baggy pants and T-shirts from friends of Han fire brand DO NOT TAG, the price is very cheap, less than one hundred yuan Oh, recently many actresses through this brand t-shirt. This blue shirt blue shirt also from DO NOT TAG, looked at quite a big fan of it, since it seems to have a cheap brand can be selected. The goddess of light blue shirt and denim shorts and white shoes, the leg is really beautiful. T+ small white leather skirt white T-shirt with small black leather skirt and white shoes, wearing half ball head, on the back of a small backpack, simple fashion, very young oh. Black vest skirt black vest skirt with white shoes and Louis Weedon bag, dress in front of zipper design, add handsome and personality, this body is also leisure and lively, invincible youth. T+ stripe Bib strap striped T-shirt jeans and sneakers, carrying a bag of the Powerpuff Girls, did not expect the strong woman heart is very playful, this look is fresh and simple, very College wind. Prada private collocation is very young, to attend the event immediately become elegant goddess. In the Prada 2016 winter series printing shirts and stickers printed skirt collocation, brown leather girdle and silver sandals to attend the activities of the brand. To attend the activities of other wear Nicolas K white collar dress collocation OMEGA watch, elegant and charming, strapless dress also adopts split design, more attractive. Jiang Shuying Bally small plaid jacket with white MOCO shirt, high waist pants and red high-heeled shoes combination of fashionable beauty, highlights the advantage of long legs. Take a big shot at the street and take a look at her big street shot, there is a fan of the. CHANEL 2016 "Paris in Rome" Senior Workshop series of black and white plaid coat, take Ports1961 irregular black vest and blue waisted shorts, sandals and pearl decoration of Rome CHANEL 2016 "Paris in Rome" series, with uninhibited grace. Street Chanel dress with large double color pointed heels, show the city ladies wind, elegant and noble. Street shooting large Wandian gray blue print letters trend sweater with fake two pieces of shirts, black skirt structure, sunglasses from Gent.相关的主题文章: