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Jin Shangyi: talk about the current situation of the development of oil painting China this chart from the Academy of Fine Arts Department offers Chinese film Jin Shangyi on the way 100× 96cm 2015 oil painting reporter Zhou Yi interview finishing the first stage: the language of oil painting gradually clear Chinese painting education development to the present, is divided into 3 periods. In 50s the last century is a period of time, the new Chinese has just been established, the society began to stable, all at a stage of vigorous development, unified people’s thoughts, feeling quite pleasant, although the conditions are very difficult, but the direction is clear. Art education is the way. At that time, the art education is the foundation of the stage, such as oil painting, experienced the method of leaving and leaving the Soviet Union in two stages, only to make China’s domestic oil painting language and teaching began to become clear. In the early days of older artists, painters were all great artists, but it was impossible to fully introduce the western experience, but only the stage of introduction. I don’t think it was until after the Soviet Union in the 50s of last century that the experience of the West was fully introduced. We need to find out what is the characteristic of learning to introduce this painting. The problem of oil painting language is solved at this time. The basic style of oil painting is "the plot of the multi characters", which is to move the relationship between people in the real life according to the needs and themes, such as "the last supper". Previously because of backward economy, society does not need the basic style, we are not clear, until this period, social stability, and established the revolutionary museum, Museum of history such a large exhibition hall, national needs work, this painting has developed. The second stage: oil painting style diversification in second stages, is 80 of the last century, in 90s, our art education began the transition from traditional to modern, this time because of the development of the economy, the painting style is diverse. In fact, culture and art is a luxury, life is rich to meet the spiritual life. In the past, the West was composed of religious murals and portraits. Western painting in late nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century by Impressionism began to modernism, then France has basically completed the industrialization, the middle class, art is not only the emperor, nobles and the upper middle class needs, also need the public gallery, came into being. Impressionism and modernism, accompanied by the emergence of the so-called Gallery commercial painting. As a result, the painting style is very important, as we eat vegetables, when conditions are difficult to eat very simple, good condition to eat Cantonese, Sichuan, Shanghai cuisine, cuisine…… Different taste. Similarly, people’s demand for art is diverse, style is to meet these needs. China’s development lags behind the West for one hundred or two hundred years, the real economic development, industrial development is the beginning of reform and opening up, this time the policy changes, art education has begun to transition. The traditional China painting is the master apprentice model to the main copy. The oil painting as the representative of the college teaching model, based on sketch, is the West pass. Based on copying, creation, absorption of Western painting, newspaper相关的主题文章: