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Joe was "seriously injured" counter card fraud – Serial cloven hoof arrested Beijing [Xinmin? The latest reports] men online publishing false overseas recruitment information, for candidates of more than 80 yuan of money, do not want to withdraw the money in a bank card machine ATM, accidentally swallowed. When it is disguised as "wounded" to retrieve the counter business, caused by bank staff suspected the incident caused by. The day before, the Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter learned from Shanghai police department, recently, Huangpu police cracked a series of fraud cases, suspects arrested Yang, freeze funds involved more than 20 yuan. "Wounded" card counter betray the afternoon of July 8th, Shanghai, China Merchants Bank outlets, teller Zhang received a special customer. A bandage hanging the man left arm, head and face covered with white gauze, only escaping eye and mouth and nose, gauze soaked with drops of red syrup, just like a wounded dress. Man claiming to be Huang Ying (a pseudonym), said last night on the ATM machine withdrawals when the bank card is swallowed, today is to take back the swallowed bank card. In accordance with the working procedures, Zhang teller by the face recognition system to confirm its identity, thus face bandaged, system identification process always show "does not match". At this time, the man began to appear a little nervous, Xiao Zhang said, or wait for their injuries to get better, they quickly got up and left the bank. Abnormal traces of men aroused suspicion zhang. After the internal comparison, the man had taken in the ATM machine at present, each head and face will be severely covered, very unusual behavior. The bank immediately with the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau – Telecommunications fraud center, found that the man use the card in the city of China Merchants Bank China Merchants Bank branch several times a lot of cash, and the use of bank cards to the country more than 20 Internet fraud cases. In August 5th, China Merchants Bank branch in Shanghai City, the security department sent to the Huangpu Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment report. The night fled cash locked after receiving the report, the police through the adjustment of relevant time surveillance video, found that by comparison, withdrawals are the same man, and from fewer people in the middle of the night. Monitoring showed that wearing a peaked cap man every time, masks and other objects of facial mask. In addition, according to the people’s Bank to provide information and alarm on more than 20 cases of the string and the police, master and frozen two suspects using Alipay account and a bank account involving funds totaling more than 20 yuan. Through further inquiry, the police found the relevant account registration were Huang Ying and Liu Qiuyang (a pseudonym), but through the investigation of Huang Ying, Liu Qiuyang two people’s identity information, features two people and found the man in the video does not match the preliminary judgment of the criminal suspect fraudulent use of two person’s identity information opening operation. After the big data rolling comparison, the name of the wounded and the true identity of the foothold in Shanghai gradually surfaced. It turned out that the heavy wounded Yang is actually a Shanghai overseas employment service co.. In August 23rd, police in Pudong New Area arrested the suspect Yang Fanghua Road, and in their residence of crime seized 2 mobile phone, laptop computer 2, criminal use of ID card 2. Involving more than 20 fraud from the 80相关的主题文章: