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Kuang’s point: the United States refers to a cliff encounter news, today the more than 1 thousand and 345 Sina Gold Fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Years if the water, walk through to know the depth; time, such as song, sang the side of the heart. Man! You have met again good, I know people. You have to pay, but also to meet the grateful people. If you are sincere, you will have to catch up with those who have heart. You have to face the humility, to cherish the people. When a trader Jingxiaxinlai on how to do the transaction, watching every day staring at the surface than the fluctuation of profit and loss account of yourself is more meaningful, and an investor, must be through study, experience and practice, grow up, what this world there is no genius, as long as you are willing to study no, it can not solve the problem. Yesterday, there is no news to promote the gold and silver again breakthrough, the United States yesterday August non manufacturing new orders sub index fell to the lowest since December 2013 51.4. The dollar plunged on Tuesday more than 1%, recorded the largest decline since more than a month. The market for the Fed’s policy meeting in September will not be increased. Let the gold and silver boom, in the final showdown of the ultimate success of our long and short, winning more than a single layout. Report weekly: Gold: Gold trend in early trading yesterday: Assistant prompt, 1330 white plate can not break the short-term, but once stabilized, can be more than a single approach, because the 1330 has been a key battleground in long and short battle, but also yesterday K countless average pressure, I believe many people are eager to see. But in my opinion, the 1330 position, from yesterday morning strategy pointed out, come, especially in the yesterday evening, we may be more sure, Powei numerous tests the position, not pressure, finally I have 1330 near success more than a single layout, now the highest increase in the 1352 line, began to see 1350 in the morning to our surprise, after the potential continue to see 1350 stable prices. Silver: silver since our 19.2 near 19.3 line suggested yesterday, there are a lot of people were now the highest 20.1 line after our profit has been very impressive, you can look at the recent layout, and now the trend can hold more than 19.3 good,. Patience, target see 20, 8 line, midline, in addition to the short term strategy layout. Crude oil # operation yesterday because of the time, not on the plate, finally to a short time, misfortune, but the idea is not to change the air pressure, today the 45 line, today the position of gains and losses, rebound vent news, no inventory, released, only Canada monthly rate, without technical reference, plate, 44 support, take the low altitude with layout interval. Refer to the following: gold today: early 1340–1360 silver interval interval: 20—21 line interval: 46—43 gold # crude oil in early trading operation, a long way since today, back to step 1345 to "low", on stop 1340 goals相关的主题文章: