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"Kung Fu yoga" exposure overseas edition posters and more film tribute to Jackie Chan Tencent entertainment news Beijing time on November 13th, Oscar was awarded the Jackie Chan prize for lifetime achievement in the United States of Losangeles, becoming the first award of the chinese. Prior to this, in the new year’s Eve Jackie Chan new film Kung Fu Yoga Conference, he had admitted, Oscar is the dream of every filmmaker. For action comedy actor, often and many awards missed, so really happy. But most of all, I want to thank the fans around the world". In this conference, also played a fan made video inventory, many domestic and foreign film and television works in tribute to Jackie Chan’s pieces, "Thor" "Big Bang" "silver soul" "A World Without Thieves" fully photographed, "read the netizen emotion, just want to say, very proud, very touched". In order to celebrate Jackie Chan’s win, today’s Kung Fu Yoga also exposed an overseas version of the poster. The poster, Jackie Chan driving a luxury car ride, but look on the driver’s side firmly the roar of the lion, Aarif Lee and Zhang Yixing on the roof after just seems to be eager for a fight, a fight. This poster is the background of India temple, Buddha, Dubai also has a tall, desert, it seems more story soon surfaced, is looking forward to. The coronation of Jackie Chan Oscar exposed the "Big Bang" "silver soul" as a tribute to Jackie Chan Oscar for the coronation of Jackie Chan fragments, the fans are very proud and happy, also have friends with emotion, "fully deserve this award to the early". As a generation of Kung Fu superstar, Jackie Chan is not only a common memory of the Chinese people, but also affects many fans around the world. Jackie Chan is said to be "idol idol", is not too much, Michael ·, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as the super star of, and so on, such as, Jordan, and so on. Prior to this, in the movie Kung Fu Yoga conference site, had played a homemade video fans Jackie Chan. The video highlights the film and television works in the world, talking about "action Idol" Jackie Chan’s pieces, such as the movie "Thor" drama, "Big Bang" animation, "silver soul", not only surprised Jackie Chan, "the first time to see so many friends said," and proud, and move". "Kung Fu yoga" exposure Overseas Edition Poster conference Jackie Chan said frankly: fans let me better at the press conference, Jackie Chan also said, "the movie took so many years, took a lot of awards, but still did not want to get Oscar, this should also be the dream of every movie. In fact, for action comedy actor, often and many awards missed. So very happy, but also very pleased, moved so many times surgery, hurt so many bones. But most of all, I’d like to thank you. Some fans said I was affecting them, but in fact, they are also affecting me, fans say, I will remember in my heart. Thanks to them, let me continue to improve myself, to be a good child." Although the crowning glory of the festival, but Jackie Chan is still trying to bring more good works for the fans. 2017 New Year’s day, he and his old partner Stanley Tong’s action comedy Kung Fu yoga, Jackie Chan and Aarif Lee, composed of three Kung Fu silly, looking for treasure, travel around the world through the.相关的主题文章: