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Lang Ping signing or temporarily shelved Paiguanzhongxin attitude into key sports Sohu in April 25, 2013, Lang Ping served as a new Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping in September 30th, and she led China women’s volleyball, is a special day today, Lang Ping and pipe in the heart of the Rio Olympic cycle coaching contract officially expired! Tomorrow, she will no longer be the Chinese women’s volleyball coach, and she can continue to coach Chinese women’s volleyball team, there are variables. Repeatedly asked Lang Ping to renew the intriguing   the Rio Olympics ended more than a month, China women’s volleyball team won the boom is quietly cool, but about whether women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping will renew China women’s volleyball topic, the two days with Lang Ping and due to the sudden warming pipe center contract. Although every time Lang Ping resorted to Taiji push hand, never give a clear answer, but the comparison of different stages of the response, but also to see the subtle changes in the attitude of Lang Ping, these changes quite intriguing. Before the start of the Olympic Games in Rio, Lang Ping on the succession topic was brought in to the Olympic Games, before the plane of CCTV Oprah Zhang Bin Lang "the end of the contract you will do to" issue, Lang Ping said: "I have been looking forward to continue coaching. But there is a premise, depends on my physical condition." After winning the Olympic Games, Zhang Bin once again interviewed Lang Ping, facing the same problem, Lang Ping’s answer is "I have a contract until the end of September, the new contract also don’t know, I do not consider this thing before, all the energy in the Olympic games." And a recent interview in Guangzhou, Lang Ping said the deal will probably wait until next year to talk about: "because now the national team is not going up, the fastest to the next year after the national games." Lang Ping even said: "time is very much, we can take a break. Chinese protocol is also very concerned about me, I hope I busy this period of rest first, then we talk again (renewal)." From the game before the expectations, to win after the first break, and then to the recent announcement did not agree with the tube center, Lang Ping’s mentality seems to have some subtle changes. Before the game, because Lang Ping did not expect to win the women’s volleyball team, according to her statement: can have a medal on the good!" According to Lang Ping unyielding character, as long as the body allows, she will be another four years. But after winning in Rio, Lang Ping desire to achieve, at this time she began to think of the family, she repeatedly expressed the hope that more time with my family, the longing for renewal may not be so strong. Many variables, Paiguanzhongxin attitude is the key for the fate of Lang Ping, many people think that Lang Ping will renew, the reason is very simple, because this year Chinese women’s volleyball team promising in a galaxy of talents, the next session of the Tokyo Olympic Games brilliant writing. Rio Lang Ping wins the championship, in addition to strategizing, directing, and Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Yuan heart? The emergence of talented players are inseparable. It can be said that this is the Chinese women’s volleyball team is the best talent in the history of the session. What is more, this group of players are very young, 22 year old Zhu Tingcai,.相关的主题文章: