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Within 3 days Li Zhangyu won 2 Paralympic gold medal block also broke the world record 2 times – Beijing two Paralympic gold medals in three, broke the world record three times, in Rio is to refresh the world record two times and twice won a gold medal in three days, he is not Boulter, not Phelps, is a living in the US side of the disabled athletes, and therefore more inspirational record gold medal. In yesterday’s game of the Rio Paralympic Games men’s C1-2-3 class 1000 meter individual time trials in the final, Zhejiang’s Li Zhangyu world record and win. Rio third Zhejiang Paralympic Game, the players continue to create success, won 1 gold 1 silver. For the two consecutive Olympic Games, Li Zhangyu won the first gold for Zhejiang, and yesterday the gold medal has been his debut in the Rio Paralympic Games in the past three days to get the individual’s gold medal in the second. According to the provincial federations declared the minister Pan Guoxin, the 26 players participate in the competition, Li Zhangyu twenty-fifth appearance, and the absolute strength of the excellent performance won easily. Three days ago, in the men’s C1 class site 3000 meters bike chase, Li Zhangyu broke the world record in the heats, the final gold medal. The congenital cerebral palsy patients, as a result of illness, the road is unstable, on the Olympic track on the bike, like a plug in the wings. Li Zhangyu is 26 years old this year, is hidden in the town of Nanshan village in Ling’an city. Parents try to make him like a normal child to grow up happy, in order to make him less wrestling, his father bought him a baby, did not think of his body in the future Olympic champion strength and gradually germination. 2008 Li Zhangyu entered the newly formed Zhejiang disabled bike team. He is running in a number of candidates, only to be dug the disabled cycling team athletes. When riding a bicycle is not to grow up practicing professional wrestling, cycling, wrestling has become a homely food for training, Li Zhangyu bitter and tired of only one sentence: "what is not difficult. Any project, any work has difficulties, and I, is lucky." Held in Zhejiang in 2011 Eighth National Paralympic Games, Li Zhangyu won 4 gold 1 silver bicycle project, the Ninth National Paralympic Games and won the cycling competition level of 4 gold medals, 3 gold, 1 silver in the Inchon Asian Games for the disabled to break a record of Asian disabled. In London in 2012, he was the first to achieve the Olympic champion dream, and now the dream continues, and better. In addition a silver medal from the Zhejiang regiment swimmer Meng Guofen, she is at the S level the 50 meter backstroke in 51 seconds 42 won the silver medal. And once participated in the Athens, Beijing, London three Paralympic Games and have got the golden medals gains Jinhua swimmer Du Jianping also unveiled yesterday, finished fourth in S3 grade 50 metres backstroke. After today, the Chinese delegation to 26 gold medals, 24 silver medals and the results of the bronze medal in the top of the medal standings, which contributed to the Legion of gold, silver and bronze medal, and broke the world record of the 3 3, the world cup, the world cup, the world cup in the United States, the United States and the world cup, the world cup in, the world cup, the world cup, the Zhejiang legion. Reporter Zong Qianqian相关的主题文章: