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Lippi only half a day to sign up for " lightning; fox " China focus on long-term construction – Sports Sohu yesterday evening, China Football Association official website officially announced that Italy coach Lippi has become a new Chinese soccer manager. National history in the history of the tenth foreign coach, but also ushered in the history of the most famous coach. National football, and even Chinese football has ushered in a chance. In the "silver fox" with only half a day of the signing of lightning war Black 12 race after the defeat, after a lapse of 15 years to return to the final stage of the Asian Zone World Cup football once again came to the edge of life and death. On October 13th, Gao Hongbo formally submitted his resignation to the Football Association China, who once again open urgent job. The signing from Xuanshuai that are faster than any previous. Yesterday, rumors recently took over the country foot Lippi arrived in Hongkong. Hengda Group sent Liu Yongzhuo, vice president in charge of sports to meet. Immediately, Lippi take the car arrived at the Guangzhou Hengda Hengda center. At noon, Cai Zhenhua, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Hengda Group Chairman Xu Jiayin Hengda center to meet with the president, the two sides in the final discussion in this. In accordance with the "China Football Association national team coaches selection procedure, through friendly consultations, China Football Association since October 22, 2016 officially hired Marcello? Mr. Lippi as Chinese national football team coach." Yesterday evening, the Football Association officially released the announcement of Lippi as the national football coach. The reason why lightning contract, mainly from the Football Association’s sincerity. From Cai Zhenhua and Zhang Jian to go to Guangzhou is not difficult to see. Because of the great success of Lippi Hengda made, Cai Zhenhua appreciated quite on the Italy coach, had invited Lippi a few times out. When Gao Hongbo resigned, the Football Association contacted Lippi again. As early as coach Lippi Hengda, he is solely responsible for team affairs, without any constraints. The football association also gives a lot of space. For Lippi coaching years, power range, annual salary treatment, the selection of the coaching team, as well as future plans, the two sides reached an agreement, but has not yet disclosed to the outside world. A big bear salary Hengda Marshal marshal Lippi took over the country foot, which ultimately act as a go-between hengda. According to people close to Lippi said, Hengda won AFC Champions League early in the team, he recommended Lippi to the football association. Xu Jiayin also repeatedly create opportunities to match Lippi and the Orangemen "hand", including Perrin, invited Lippi for the Orangemen, watching the national football game. In addition to the two sides of the match, Hengda played a more important role in this contract, as important as the Football Association, even reminiscent of the earlier Camacho took office wanda. It is understood that Lippi stepped down in early 2015 Hengda coach, but the two sides maintained close contact, and in August 3rd of this year, signed a contract with the appointment of Lippi, hired as Hengda coach next season. Of course, Hengda did not give up waiting for the right time to recommend Lippi. The two sides finally come together, Hengda very happy and Lippi lifted the contract before signing. Not only that, after the termination of the contract yesterday and Lippi, Hengda and 15 million 500 thousand salary相关的主题文章: