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Small Business After I worked in the facilities subdivision for a regional .pany, I was aware of the UK Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 which asks that every employer shall ensure that work equipment is so constructed or adopted as to be suitable for the purpose for which it is used or provided. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1998 says, As may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent so far as reasonably practicable, such danger. This states that employers (and the self-employed) have a duty of care to ensure that all electrical work equipment is safe, suitable for the purpose and correctly kept in excellent order. PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is the finest route you can fulfil this responsibility. One of the primary items Fire Officers and Health & Safety Inspectors usually ask to see on any inspection visit is Portable Appliance Testing records. There are a quantity of extra reasons why gear could be checked on a regular basis with the most important ones being: Meet the terms of the Electricity at Work Regulations Meet the terms of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations Reduce the risk of fire and injury caused by electrical gear (Each year about 1000 accidents at work relating to electric shock or burns are reported to the Health and Safety Executive. About 30 of these are fatal). To please your Insurance .pany Meet the terms of all Health & Safety requirements and ISO standards Meet the terms of Quality Assurances To meet your Fire Risk Assessment .pliance The suggestions prior to this are guidelines that are reasonable for any employer to adhere to, as litigation consultants form more a part of business life. It took two days for the PAT testing .pany to .e round and check all of the laptops, Scanners, Faxes and Photocopiers and this was in a firm of 500 people. ———- About the Author: Taking Advantage Of Student Ac.modation While Staying In London By: Stam Bett – Many people who wish to visit London are unaware of the options that are open to them in terms of ac.modation. Tags: Breath New Life Into Your Enclosures By: aqeel javeed – Discount Screening Inc., specializes in the repairing and re-screening of all types of screened enclosures. Whether you need an entire enclosure, rescreen or just need a few screens replaced, We will breathe new life into y … Tags: Amulets To Help You Ward Off Bad Spirits And Bring Back Luck On Your Side By: vikram kumar – One of the most .mon fetishes in the world is an obsession with the different forms of dark magic. Whereas these are no forces to be messed around with, if you are a victim of any form of dark spirits Tags: Improve Your Luck With Amulets And Buddha Statues By: vikram kumar – In our daily lives, we .e across a myriad of dark forces that govern our existence and make us encounter failure and other problems. Often, despite our best efforts, we dont seem to be able to succeed in life Tags: How To Find The Right Antique Stores For Amulets? By: vikram kumar – Amulets form a big part of those peoples life who believe a lot in the spiritual world. Amulets do serve a lot of purpose. They can bring you love, happiness, luck as well as health Tags: Why Go For Brands Like Snap E Juice While Going Through The E Liquid For Sale Online? By: vikram kumar – Making haste doesnt get you anywhere in life, especially when cigarette smoking is concerned. Just like you didnt develop the habit overnight, kicking it out of your system would be a long and arduous process Tags: Marketing Translations Service .pany In Bangalore, India – Feenix Language Solution By: Sandy9 – Feenix Language Solution specialized area of marketing translation not just about translating the text into the target language, it"s about conveying the correct marketing message in the target language. Tags: Why Should You Opt For A Love Amulet? By: vikram kumar – Love is the most powerful force in the world. Every person wants to have a bit of love in their life. Love makes your life much more charming and worthy to live in Tags: Try Out Something New This Week With Doh-nuts E Liquid! By: vikram kumar – Smoking is a really bad habit that those who are addicted know about and those around us hate it even more. The craving for nicotine can get really bad and couple that with the harmful additives in tobacco including the tar … Tags: Should The Pg And Vg Levels Be A Factor In Your Finding The Best E Juice From The E Juice Online For By: vikram kumar – Ask any person who has been trying to get rid of his cigarette addiction. The road to being addiction free fraught with insurmountable difficulties. However, a certain lack of education about the withdrawal symptoms can per … Tags: 相关的主题文章: