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Lvliang municipal Party committee secretary in Beijing shouted: small grains of pure alcohol and you eat! Beijing in September 23, the humble potato and small grains, but the fall in Beijing "fire", the main reason is the leadership of Lvliang municipal Party committee secretary, mayor of 13 counties, made a recommendation to them as the protagonist of the exhibition and lively. The municipal Party committee secretary Wang Qingxian, but in 23 days at the "Lvliang city potato, small grains promotion and identification report conference, the two protagonists spare no effort to promote, he proposed Pro advertising words" potato is a good meal, Lvliang shanyaodan "became a hot word audience applauded, circle of friends scraper. What makes Lvliang so small grains to the put up a pageantry and quickly sparked concern? Together with the small series or listen to this article entitled "the promotion of the Lvliang cereals and pure alcohol", feel the magic of him in the eyes of the small grains of. First, as in the past to warm and delicate Wang Qingxian story of Lu Liangshan launched to promote small grains — today, I want to introduce here is: Lvliang mountain grains! I’d like to have a quote: use this word as a topic I’m recommending today. This is the first pure, pure pure; second alcohol, alcohol is mellow. You see how this word, to make a suggestion. Chinese saying goes, people are eating whole grains grow up. We often say that the "corn", also known as "white", refers to rice, millet, millet, wheat, beans (soybean). "Grain" is also called "coarse grain", usually refers to the outside of the grain crop. They are millet, buckwheat, oats, corn millet, mung bean, red bean, pea, cowpea, hyacinth bean and etc.. In Chinese recipes, "grains" versus "grain", is regarded as "tonic". "Food and medicine homologous" is the truth. Through scientific analysis, some trace elements such as grains, the content of iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, potassium, calcium, vitamin, folic acid and bioflavonoids are more than other food. It is worth mentioning that the grains are rich in nutrients. Buckwheat contains rutin, this ingredient can reduce cholesterol in the blood of human body, and has a protective effect on blood vessels; oat contains linoleic acid, can inhibit cholesterol effect; soybeans and their products have special effects on cardiovascular; heat, diuretic, refreshing mung bean, with eyesight blood pressure, throat thirst quencher role was black; called "the kidney of the valley", Chinese medicine that has Bushenqiangshen, detoxification, moisturizing effect, has better therapeutic effect on kidney deficiency, edema. Eat cereals also helps to control blood glucose, diabetes research shows that eating grains and beans and the postprandial blood glucose change is generally less than wheat and common rice. Now more and more people attach importance to health, more and more people are keen to eat all kinds of health supplements. Numerous examples show that this is not the supplement supplement "Sibu", a thousand million compensation as "food supplement". So what is the best to eat, do not harm health? Nutrition experts tell us, must be reasonable diet, eat more whole grains, especially to eat cereals. From Lvliang small grains, why "pure and alcohol"? Wang Qingxian continues to "popular science".相关的主题文章: