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Ma Junwei plays Xu Zhimo, Ma Junwei and Joey Meng moved to tears fierce reaction Joey Meng Chen Shisan Tavia Yeung Ma Junwei Beijing on November 5th news, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao Daily News, Ma Junwei [micro-blog] wrote, directed and starred in, and Joey Meng Luo Minzhuang, CO star of the drama "the accidental? Xu Zhimo "the first show, the circle of friends Tavia Yeung [micro-blog] and Gai Minghui, Lin Jianming, Susanna Kwan, Le Yiling, Pinky Cheung [micro-blog] [micro-blog] support etc.. Ma Junwei saw the audience enthusiastic response, moved to tears. Ma Junwei said: "when the curtain call thought can endure to wake to cry, but see the audience sitting through left, couldn’t live." Ma Junwei heard a lot of audience to move as a comment, he said the audience response exceeded expectations, the audience laughed happily, moved and cried very badly. Joey Meng also feel moved, see the audience laughing clap, she couldn’t help crying. Her husband Chen thirteen [micro-blog] after reading said both moved and excited, he always knew that his wife is not enough time to prepare, not enough time to enter Taiwan, worried about mistakes, but fortunately a smooth performance, but a little forget the word. Tavia Yeung husband Him Law [micro-blog] in the mainland started, she said to join alone, Him Law has a few weeks gone, but there is a video call. Whether the block made plans? She said you are busy, their rehearsal stage, to sing and dance. Asked her to play during the drama, whether to temporary contraception? She smiled and said: "that is not in the sentence as Qian Zi Hongkong." (Miao Fei) (commissioning editor: Shimlay)相关的主题文章: