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Maggie Cheung is the first single domestic voice of Maggie Cheung Sina online bring offbeat entertainment news in November 16th, Maggie Cheung launched the modern sky’s debut single "Look In My Eyes" in China officially launched. This song is the debut of Maggie Cheung as a musician, but in the offbeat brought different atmosphere become an independent school, choice for fans, which is Maggie Cheung with expectation on it. "Look In My Eyes" by Maggie Cheung wrote the lyrics and participate in arranging, composing and producing, the internationalization of the creative team, not only in East China (retros band), Bo Xuan and other domestic rock musicians, Brown partners Chris Radiohead[and Muse] more micro-blog super band as remixer. Maggie Cheung grew up in London, a strong atmosphere was grown in Mod culture and punk movement, followed by Trip Hop and multi style of indie rock to develop their own unique taste in music. Now, this is the first in London has conducted six times mixing works, became her another starting point, and the creation and production process of single also put her a huge amount of time and effort. These efforts and accumulation of "Look In My Eyes" gives full levels and details, their sense of hearing like start a black car, Mercedes in the dark night. Beat rhythm deep breath, deep and strong, but reflects a dramatic tension. Taking Trip Hop as the driving force, Maggie Cheung spread a deep and sexy blurred vision. It is reported by Maggie Cheung, directed and starred in and clip of the song MV, will also be on-line in November 18th. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: