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Malone gossip girl Xia Lu issued a statement accusing Malone of false rumors gossip girl Xia Lu declared the original Sina entertainment news today, Beijing star rights firm through micro-blog issued a Malone gossip girl Summer Dew on charge of network false rumors of lawyers. The statement pointed out that since, photographed by the media and the disclosure and Malone are in love after the news network, there are many false information on Xia Lu, such as "self hype, network about gun etc.. The dissemination of information on the Summer Dew caused a bad influence, but also pointed out that such false rumors will take legal means. Lawyers statement, netizens have onlookers, netizens on the matter asked: "this is intended to tell the rhythm of users?" It is reported that Malone has been photographed by the media and ping pong Olympic champion Malone very close contact, thus outgoing and the news of the association. After the scandal was two people broke, Xia quickly became a popular figure in the network, users and media awareness. Because of this, has repeatedly stressed in the lawyer’s statement, people using the name Xia Lu opened an account on the Internet and the spread of false information, has caused great damage to the Xia Lu and her boyfriend Malone, mr.. Melon people also said in a statement: "there is nothing to feel, but on the Malone?" There are users ridicule this statement message: it seems to be accused of the majority of people eating melon!" More Malone fans, in a statement by Malone propaganda: "Wuli Ge, you hurt is not, you hurry out to tell us!" (Intern Fei Maowen) (commissioning editor: Blue)相关的主题文章: