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The man to the Public Security Bureau office died without going back to the original title: the body of the family for three years [survey] or to the body before things are not processed, will not let you see your brother’s body, but not to you, till after processing it." In September 9, 2016, the Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Li Min kongshen Chuai said to Wu Zhongping. The same day, Wu Zhongping’s investigation of the case to the Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau asked the brother’s case, and want to put the body back to the cremation. At this point, Wu Zhongping’s younger brother, Wu Zhongrui, who went to the Public Security Bureau in Jilin to work in the Public Security Bureau has been more than three years, the body has been deposited in the autopsy center in Jilin. The more than 1 thousand night, the family always wanted to return to the cremation, but has been rejected. Sudden death "on the morning of May 13, 2013, my brother (Wu Zhongrui) holding the bag into the Jilin City Public Security Bureau door, a few minutes later, he walked out of the door when the Public Security Bureau, it looks like a uniformed to hit my brother, and the other a uniformed stood between the two side to mediate, extrapolation of my brother, another side block, while not wearing a uniform to my brother to close the public security bureau to go inside, the uniformed man waved in front of it while passers-by do not stop to watch." Wu Zhongping introduced to the interface news video recording of the incident. For Wu Zhongping mentioned in the video of the door out of the door and was pulled back to this scene, the Public Security Bureau commissioned to deal with the issue of compensation for the maintenance of the lawyer said, "I also see the". "Jilin City Public Security Bureau provided only before the incident and the incident after my brother was lifted out of the Public Security Bureau of the video, did not provide the death surveillance video" interval, the Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau Wu Zhongping said in reply, lethal zone does not place the camera. So in the public security bureau did not monitor the region, exactly what is the area of the death of Wu Zhongrui in the end what happened? Wu Zhongping offers a recording shows: more than a month after Wu Zhongrui’s death, the case handling unit of the Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director of subordinate units Chuanying District Public Security Bureau Liu Feng when he was in the case briefing said that the death of Wu Zhongrui, the Public Security Bureau involved 7 people, including 4 security guards, 3 police officers. Liu Feng said, September 13, 2013 at 8:22 in the morning, Wu Zhongrui came to the (Jilin) city (Public Security Bureau), after entering said he is the police, with security to see director, because Wu Zhongrui does not cooperate with security guards and police to verify the identity, and the security fight, then a dispute. According to Liu Feng in the recording, after everyone caught Wu Zhongrui one arm, after Wu Zhongrui fell, Wu Zhongrui fell, even playing with a curse, so 4-5 hold the feet of Wu Zhongrui and the waist, roughly according to 5—6 minutes later, Wu Zhongrui did not move, lying in shock, police and security the court found that the situation wrong. At that time, Wu Zhongrui face down, turn over after the discovery of Wu Zhongrui, pale purple, immediately for emergency treatment, several security and public security are pressing the chest, take medicine, then dial 120, 120 time is 8:40, 8:51, 8:54, after相关的主题文章: