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Matsui Daigo: most want to work with the actress Xu Haochen, only Yu Aoi Matsui o o the Dawu take take map Sina entertainment news Yu Aoi once in the film alone can be traced back to 8 years ago, "one million yuan and the nigamushi woman", she played a "one million earn enough to leave" ordinary girl, smile with a little bitter, celibacy to sea, mountains, city, meet a lot of people experience a lot of things, finally unlock the hearts of the confusion, grow. Yu Aoi is a lot of people’s minds "Sen", revealed a clear behavior between temperament, his face is always thoughtful look. Although she is not the most beautiful actress in Japan, but with a unique temperament to get the favor of many directors. "The nigamushi woman" screenwriter and director Tanada Yuki once called the "protagonist Steven Yu Aoi", but eight years later, Yu Aoi starred as the latest "Kodak ChunZi" missing director Matsui Dawu also said, "Yu Aoi is my films beginning to fellow actors, first came to Tokyo is working with Yu Aoi". "Kodak ChunZi missing" was nominated for the Tokyo film festival main competition this year, is the story of Yu Aoi’s heroine Tan ChunZi missing after a series of incidents in the town. The film shows the popular graffiti culture in Japan, which is very impressive. The theme of the film involves criticism of the patriarchal society, Yu Aoi’s "missing" is actually a sense of feminism "awakening", and she also did well showed anxiety, humble and reborn after from the inside without equal love in the sense of freedom from women face at a certain age. We interviewed Yu Aoi’s brother: "many Kodak" in Spring Festival director Matsui dawu. The film industry new force who graduated from Keio University in 2012 to the door, "the Declaration" directed by Tanaka riffraff commercial film debut, the next 13 years will be "selfish" qingqie finalists that year at the Tokyo Film Festival JAPAN SPLASH unit. At that time, and he too (also starred in the "Kodak spring") met Matsui said that saw him with "River" Shuo with many overseas actors, feel very brilliant, and so they have a desire for the main competition. I did not expect just 3 years later, in the new song "safe" is really Tan Chun entered the main competition, and excellent works from around the world compete. Matsui Dawu dialogue Sina entertainment from SPLASH to the main competition in the song: Thank you for my acceptance of Sina entertainment: This is your first time to participate in the contest finalists Tokyo International Film Festival as a unit, the young director, how do you like it? Matsui: Well, I’m three years ago one of the works finalists Tokyo International Film Festival "the Japanese film a concern unit, then have a want to participate in the main competition finalists with the desire, can and other overseas works, it must be a great feeling, it can realize the really thank you very much the Tokyo International Film Festival in recognition of my. Sina entertainment: what is the reason for this you create a "safe" Tan ChunZi unaccounted for? In my mind, this相关的主题文章: