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Media: the key position of corruption is to destroy a person will be former Secretary Xiong Yuehui Beijing destroyed a career in North China Ministry of environmental protection environmental protection supervision center, former director of the Ministry of environmental protection science and Technology Standards Department suspected of taking bribes of more than 240 yuan by the prosecution, the Beijing second intermediate people’s court has accepted the case according to the "Beijing News (September 18th"). See the news, the author of a tight heart: the key post corruption will destroy a cause ah! A similar mark not important fall again! Environment related to people’s well-being, but also related to the long-term development of the country, the importance of environmental protection, no need to say. Strengthen supervision is the key to the implementation of environmental laws, so that the most stringent environmental law teeth better. Ecological environment protection can be implemented, the key to leading cadres. In July 2015, the central deep restructuring passed "environmental protection inspector program (Trial)", the outstanding environmental problems, major environmental accidents, environmental protection responsibility to implement ineffective place as an inspector object, and put forward the "ecological damage lifelong responsibility of leading cadres". In January 2016, the central environmental protection inspector pilot launched in Hebei in mid July, the first batch of central environmental inspectors "flower", in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia 8 provinces, there are over 100 people due to environmental pollution and ecological damage by criminal detention, or be fined a total of 100 million yuan party and government departments; more than 2 thousand people were accountable. Environmental protection inspection results cheerful, but the environmental protection department of environmental supervision centers in North former director Xiong Yuehui sacked, how much is the inspection results disgraceful. The prosecution allegations, Xiong Yuehui in 2010 to 2013 years, the director of North China Ministry of environmental protection environmental protection supervision center, office responsible for Henan, Hebei and other areas of environmental law enforcement inspection work, to accept the Hunan southern foot desulfurization denitration technology Co. Ltd. Corporation Yang, deputy general manager of Hebei Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, dedicated Zhou Xinhua joint metallurgical Holding Group Limited Corporation Sohn et al of the trust, to provide help for the company’s bidding, environmental law enforcement supervision and other matters in environmental engineering, received money totaling more than 240 yuan. Take someone else’s hand short, so how to ensure the supervision of officials in place? Is the focus of national poverty alleviation work "13th Five-Year" during the period of the Poverty Alleviation Office if you engage in corruption, poverty alleviation by will be read crooked. In June 22nd, the Guangdong provincial procuratorate announced that the former deputy director of Guangdong provincial agriculture office and shengfupinban director Mo Dingwei (Deputy departmental level) suspected of bribery, bribery case recently prosecuted. The indictment: during Mo Dingwei served as deputy director of the office of the Guangdong provincial agriculture office, Yang shengfupinban director, used his position to seek benefits for others, accepting other people’s property, a huge amount. Online search, similar cases are also common in newspapers. To engage in corruption, supervision of officials is difficult to enforce the law, poverty alleviation officials is difficult to full of poverty, its harm cannot be overemphasized. China’s reform into the deep water area, how much of the cause of the need to force, the focus of the cause of corruption in these sectors, the loss may be caused by the overall. Anti-corruption investigators need to grasp the key link to prevention work)相关的主题文章: