Messi will undergo kidney stone surgery, the world cup has been lack of war

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Messi will be the club world cup had kidney stone surgery as a result of the disease will be missing in the war Hengda Messi kidney stone surgery sina sports news Beijing time on February 9th, Barcelona Messi missed training today, Spanish media reported a kidney stone surgery in Argentina king, but does not affect the next game. Messi missed the team in the game with Levante after routine training, Barcelona official interpretation of Messi is absent for personal reasons. According to the Spanish daily sports newspaper "reported that Messi will again on Tuesday to deal with the issue of the kidney stones, he will make a small operation, but the day you can return home to rest, Thursday to participate in team training. As a result, Messi will definitely miss Thursday’s cup with the Valencia cup, but Barcelona’s first round set up a huge advantage of 7-0, coach Enrique is bound to rotate the team, so Messi may not participate in the game. Last December, Barcelona and Evergrande World Cup semi-finals before the game, Messi because of kidney stones lack of war, but he did not undergo surgery, but by drinking water stone discharge, and timely catch up with the finals. (Sven dies)

梅西将进行肾结石手术 世俱杯曾因此病缺战恒大 梅西将进行肾结石手术   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月9日,梅西缺席了巴萨今天的训练,据西班牙媒体报道,阿根廷天王将进行一个肾结石手术,但不影响接下来的比赛。   梅西在与莱万特的比赛后缺席球队的例行训练,巴萨官方解释梅西是因为私人原因缺席。据西班牙《每日体育报》报道,梅西将在周二再次对肾结石问题进行处理,此次他将进行一个小手术,不过当天就可返回家中静养,周四即可参加球队训练。   如此一来梅西将铁定缺席周四与瓦伦西亚的国王杯次回合比赛,不过巴萨首回合建立了7-0的巨大优势,主帅恩里克势必对阵容进行轮换,所以梅西本来就可能不参加本场比赛。   去年12月份,巴萨与恒大的世俱杯半决赛赛前,梅西就因为肾结石问题缺战,不过当时他并没有进行手术,而是通过喝水将结石排出,并且及时赶上了决赛。   (斯文已逝)相关的主题文章: