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Arts-and-Entertainment When people first heard about controversies surrounding Michael, they straight rightly said the King of Pop was finally out and finished. He has navigated and lived through these tough situations even though is seemed he wont .e out. The court battles involving the two boys, the many concerts organized and failed to attend and all other nasty experiences underwent, he would already be out. From the look of things, Michael is a down to dusk fellow who loves his work and the best for his supporters. When an opportunity .es, he does his thing good which is the thing that .mands huge following. The number of supporters, admirers and advisors are just magnificent, give the best he needs. The number of fans who bought tickets at one concert in one of his performances was 350,000 and the shows organized in 2002 alone were 10 with others not account for, as per the New York Times. In the life of pop music, he is the father of all. His music has electrified fans world over. The hit songs like, I’ll be there, shake your body, ABC and others can’t just be bygone this time. They will always linker in the fans ears for long. The passion, happiness love associated that .e with his songs are just wonderful. Following his long carrier which begun as a young 11 year old in the Jackson 5, he has gotten so much wealth that its marvelous to think how his controversies will basically bring down his fame. The investment in Hong Kong, the mansions in the U.S make him the idol many people can emulate. Michael Jackson has a well established performers that are guitarists, dancers and singers who put live in his music hence the band. His performers are just good that his legacy will not end any time soon. Just as any other musician can, Michael Jackson has done several collaborations with the like of musicians like Britney Spears, Billie Jean and Paul Mccartney both of which have indeed excelled in the industry of pop. And the recent publicized collaboration with Akon and the likes is good for his music. Whatever the case controversies are part of carrier development and Michael is no exemption. The carrier of Michael Jackson has seen him sell more than seven hundred million albums all over the world. This is the milestone in his industry. For any artist, wooing the followers is the most important thing to do because of the finances and moral support you get from them. The numbers of copies sold speak loud and as earlier put he is to live on for a good time. The .eback of Michael Jackson the legend is totally awaited with a lot of anticipation for the love of his music. He does thing in a different way. His works are like myth to many who yearn to know his way of singing. It’s automatic he is .ing back and this time with a bang. With surety Michael Jackson controversies won’t bring down his fame. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: