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Moses Chan: the Erhai protection of the ecological civilization construction management on the implementation of the action — local leaders — 10 days in the heart, (Yunnan) stressed that the provincial Party Secretary and governor Moses Chan went to Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Erhai special investigation protection governance, ecological civilization construction work, to effectively improve the understanding, enhance the sense of historical burden responsibility, adhere to the new concept of development, the protection of Erhai ecological civilization construction management, put in the mind, the implementation of the action, a solid grasp of results, not to live up to the great trust and expectations of the Party Central Committee and general secretary Xi Jinping to Yunnan, do not live up to the people of all ethnic groups in the hope. Since the central Yunnan city of media exposure, the transfer of forest rights mortgage and deforestation and the destruction of the ecological aspects of sand quarrying problems, caused widespread concern in the central attention and society. Provincial government and the state of Dali to take measures to severely punish. How to implement the implementation of remediation measures? Erhai protection project progress? Moses Chan rate provincial departments responsible person rushed to the field inspection. In the city of Dali has been shut down Feng Yi Zhen Long Wang Miao Jing quarry, Moses Chan carefully to understand the state and city of Dali according to the law of shutting down quarry quarry, to comprehensively strengthen the work of Erhai water source protection. He said with emotion: "Erhai is the source of life for the people of Dali, we must earnestly take responsibility for the protection of Erhai. If we put the pollution of Erhai, on the sorry ancestors, I am sorry next generation." Moses Chan has research Shuanglang town sewage lagoon PPP project and the sewage treatment plant, north of Sanjiang Lake Wetland and estuary of the lake Luo Shijiang environmental dredging engineering, Xi Zhou Zhen Ren Li Yi sewage treatment station construction, and field visits to Erhai Lake sewage canal construction site. He pointed out that our province is in a critical period to accelerate the development of the Yunnan ecological fragile, environmental protection and ecological restoration of the arduous task, to scientific planning, to prevent the disorderly development, can not stand, in a new town, a smooth highway when the saw is broken and devastated mountain river." Moses Chan after listening to the Dali Provincial Forestry Department and other departments, the work report stressed that to remember the general secretary Xi Jinping earnest exhortations, the protection of Erhai governance as a top priority to firmly grasp. Effectively improve the ideological understanding, enhance the sense of crisis, crisis awareness, improve the work style, strengthen the responsibility to implement, and resolutely protect Erhai, good governance. To resolutely and serious investigation and rectification rectification work earnestly. To carry out a comprehensive in-depth quarry quarry inventory disposal, regulate the transfer of forest ownership procedures, strengthen supervision, do not compromise, do not stay dead; resolutely investigate and deal with illegal personnel according to discipline, dereliction of duty on the cadres to start accountability procedures; comprehensive organizations for the protection of forest resources and non coal mine exploitation situation of special inventory remediation action, and resolutely to combat illegal activities; to strengthen the Erhai river pollution control and protection of all things, while promoting new technologies and new materials, to solve the problem of production and life of the masses, to eliminate the extensive mining operations. To learn lessons, enhance the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection responsibility. Deep reflection from the ideological understanding, work style, work initiative, problem oriented, weak links, glued to overcome difficulties, and effectively improve the ability and level of environmental protection work. To be new)相关的主题文章: