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Mossberg: Apple TV Jobs is worried about Re code in Chinese station last September 1st reported Steve · Jobs (Steve Jobs) 5 years ago, the outgoing chief executive of the Apple Corp, but he never intended to leave the company. Instead, Jobs continued to focus on a secret project, that reshape the television industry, including the creation of hardware and software, including a full set of Apple TV. Technology news website Re code editor in chief Dr. mo (Walt Mossberg) said that Jobs will be officially announced in the control of the company over to Tim · Cook (Tim Cook) in the evening, he phoned him, and revealed his ambition to the tv. Jobs told him: "I think we’ve come up with a method that will be very magical creativity." Jobs also invited Dr. Mo to see his design. But less than 2 months, Jobs died. So far, apple is still hovering in the edge of the TV industry, focusing on the manufacture of peripheral set-top boxes. Although Apple has repeatedly committed to launch its own TV service, but it still can not get what they want from the TV program, but only let others through the application to provide TV programs. In addition, Apple also wants to create a new version of the TV guide. Now, Jobs is interested in the television industry has become a historical footnote. But his intentions to convey through Dr. Mo helped clarify Apple’s television ambitions, despite its conflicting views. In 2010, Jobs himself had publicly said that Apple’s TV effort is just a hobby". He told Dr. Mo and Re code co executive editor Cara · (Kara Swisher), Swisher; apple is not really into the television industry, because there is no viable market strategy". Also in this year, Jobs said the company also expressed the same view, he said: the TV industry is a terrible industry, they have not turned over, the profit margins are very bad." But Jobs’s biographer Walter · (Walter Isaacson) wrote in 2011, in the end of his life, he was still studying television, he believes that he can subvert the industry, (). Dr. Mo had never mentioned the topic of discussion with Jobs TV, but in its recent Facebook Post said that after the outgoing CEO positions, Jobs is still working on a secret project. Dr. Mo said that Jobs had called him in August 24, 2011, when he had just announced his resignation, Dr. Mo is also writing articles about the legacy of Jobs. Dr. Mo said: "I was writing these things, suddenly the phone rang, is Jobs’s call. I thought he wanted to talk to me because he felt a little sad, because he wanted me to understand that he wasn’t going to leave the company, but he was still in the apple. Their press release was a little vague, not to mention it. But he wanted me to know that he would still be involved in major strategic decisions, and that he would continue to participate in the special!相关的主题文章: