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"Mother" in Montreal National Airport beauty touching Tencent entertainment news recently, produced by Inner Mongolia Judian culture television media Co., Ltd., a national director Zhou Yupeng, screenwriter, starring at Zhuo · Bao Hu Mongolian original movies "mother" the airport successfully nominated the Montreal International Film Festival is a class. The media attention, and even a lot of people outside the industry forecast, this is the original ecology of the Mongolian folk style films, is bound to set off Chinese movie ethnic feelings lead wave, sympathy and understanding of many of the audience’s sense of hair. At the Montreal International Film Festival offbeat "most beautiful lie" touching film festival as one of the world’s attention, the fortieth session of the Montreal International Film Festival Competition unit and the thirty-eighth session of the Cairo International Film Festival in Egypt were given wide units, "mother fly airport" from the Montreal World Film Festival for the purpose of encouraging cultural diversity the people of all countries and the mutual understanding, stimulate the continents film production upgrade to cultivate high-quality movies, explore Bazhuo filmmakers and new works, and encourage new talent, and to promote the film industry professionals around the world exchange. Kaige Chen "the big parade", "Black Steed" won the Xie Fei Award for best director, Gong Li, Ni Ping, Wei Fan has won the award winning actor and actress. The movie "mother" airport award is undoubtedly the film makers all give and encourage, certainly the largest producer in this regard, Ms. Feng Yiwei undeniable. According to her, the airport story in Mongolia, the crew invited Mongolia’s meritorious actor tanggute · Bao Fu and beat Tang Wei, Zhao Wei, Xu Fan et al was the thirty-third best actress prize at the Iran International Film Festival and the thirtieth Golden Rooster Award for best actress actress Badma love back, not a party in full regalia as the character, the old drama of bone ablation like sleight of hand, into the drama, the film punchline. And Yiwei Feng also said that the next will continue to focus on this type of film investment, pay attention to cold theme, emotional expression, the excellent Chinese film out, Europe will attend the film festival, for cooperation in the western culture to be a great enabler of folk. National beauty "talent shows itself" is expected to lead to a new generation of film film "mother" boom airport weaving, reach the peak of perfection lies, tells the story of suffering from Egidale Geer disease, the no blood raise sun Mao Nao Hai, sent to the air force. In the plane’s distant, drunken bragging postman badii mouth, hair Naohai will boast to herders neighbors flew home. Egiyn had all the rest of life force, to build the airport every day to greet the grandson. All the people who know that is a lie but could not bear to say it, so everyone to lend a helping hand to help the old lady in the brick Bhargava, the construction of the airport. While the white lie can not end on the occasion, the propeller sound out, the air force was Naohai handsome hair drop from the clouds. The movie filmed lies, there are many masterpieces, one of the most brutal western world blockbuster "Truman". It is a symbol of the lies of the other pole of hypocrisy, ugly and unbearable. "Mother’s airport" shows the original beauty of human nature and nature,.相关的主题文章: