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Fujian Yongding


toilet Water Leakage to call the property, ask someone to fix the teacher, after checking that the old pipeline has a large hole. The women curious to see, the hole did not see, head is directly into the towel rack, iron triangle, the master was sound dumbfound, asked why, he was told, said contemptuously: This is your own home!

woman touched the big bag, admitted that he was right……

need to activate blood. Therefore, to tell a historical joke: saying that, during the cold war, the shape of unique Hakka Tulou is considered America’s nuclear silos, they took many pictures of spy satellites brains studied more than 20 years still remain perplexed despite much thought to find out the 1500 "nuclear silo" in the "secret". The CIA OCD finally unbearable, in 1985 sent Mrs. Smith disguised as tourists to go to Yongding investigation, found that these wonderful style building is not used to launch missiles instead of sleeping! Mcgregor! The! Sleeping inside is not an alien but a guest! Home! People! So, they reckon the next hand in hand to the quest?!

yes, it’s a wonderful work in the history of ancient Chinese architecture, which makes the United States entangled for decades.

today, with Yongding as the main body of the Hakka Earth Building in Fujian was officially included in the "World Heritage List", she chasing in a building on top of the wonderful appearance, looks really is very smart enough to make people proud of the local people’s big dipper. But if it was originally, but probably only to describe. I read both in Liuzuhuineng Tanjing recently, which has said: good root two, one, two is the Buddha, non impermanence, it is constantly. Buddha nature is "very impermanent", placed in the "constant", falling into common; into the "impermanence", fall into the broken see. The Buddha said, its vice versa. Fortune and misfortune, helpless and proud twin long, is the most powerful life.

say that the earth must be helpless, from the origin of speaking: like Weilong house, Fujian Tulou and the formation of several famous Han in the history of the great migration related. The Western Jin Dynasty in Yongjia between the year fourth Century, the Northern War frequently, natural disasters wreak havoc, people were forced to leave their homeland massive Nanqian, the time span of 1500. Finally, most south of the Hakka people choose to settle down in the area of the Jiangxi border area. So, the Hakka followed the house early in the root on the Central Plains nobility courtyard, architectural style fully reflects the cultural development of Central Plains on jinglaozunxian, polite, knows the book of science, Fengshui and architectural aesthetic pursuit. Because the south of the Hakka people living in remote villages, vulnerable to a brutal attack by the local people out of bullying, for the survival and development of unity exteriors, clever Hakka people choose cluster neighbors, and will implement this concept in residential construction. Due to the introduction of security;