Nanjing, Lishui, a site dug 8 artillery shells quickly and properly dispose of the police

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Nanjing Lishui a construction site excavated 8 shells police quickly dispose of the Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Shao Hui Tao Weizhou) recently, Yong Yang Street in Nanjing District of Lishui in the construction of a construction site accidentally dug up 8 shells, so that the workers are scared into a cold sweat. Fortunately, the Lishui police to act quickly, the 8 shells all safe transfer and proper disposal. October 10th morning, Lishui District Yong Yang Street in the West Street Hotel Hongtai construction site, construction are carried out excavation work, suddenly found a few "lump iron debris in". The workers thought that dug what baby, have stepped forward to see. This can not help but look scared out in a cold sweat, eyes turned out to be 8 shells. The workers rushed to stop construction immediately, and call the police calls. Modern Express reporter learned that, after the alarm, Yong Yang police station rushed to the scene quickly, and timely evacuation of the crowd. "We found that after the scene, the 8 shells of different sizes, the appearance of a yellow soil, see a year long, body surface rusting. According to the disposal process, we notify the security brigade technical personnel rushed to the scene for disposal." Police told modern express reporter. In order to prevent the occurrence of shell explosion danger, police warning to protect the scene immediately, and soon technical personnel rushed to the scene, carefully put the explosion-proof box 8 shells to specialized, and drove its delivery to the specialized storage of hazardous chemicals warehouse proper disposal. Police remind the public: in life if the suspected bombs, explosives, grenades and other dangerous goods, must not be handled privately, should be the first time to evacuate the scene and the police, to avoid accidents, causing serious consequences.相关的主题文章: