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UnCategorized Green spec automatic hand dryers have been called the only hand dryer worth using. It has been designed, manufactured, and tested exclusively in the USA. Already, it has gained great notoriety as the subject of a number of media specials for its amazing popularity and energy efficiency. In both performance and technology, this new generation of hand dryers has distinguished themselves in three major areas of significance. *Minimal power usage .pared to other dryers * the objections that hand dryers fail to .pletely dry hands *.pletely eliminates the cost and hygiene problems of paper towel usage and disposal By using 80 percent less electricity than .peting models, this revolutionary hand dryer features proven technology that consistently exceeds end user expectations. Additionally, its exceptional efficiency makes it the only hand dryer to ever be green spec approved. By reducing paper towel wastes and slashing power costs, it can actually earn LEED certification points in two categories. Green spec automatic hand dryers are controlled by an infrared sensor that activates a high velocity airstream. This airstream dries the hands in 10 seconds through a unique, two phase process. During the first three to four seconds, the airstream blows water droplets off the hands. The remaining six or seven seconds witnesses the .pete removal of all moisture from the users hands. The hands feel warm, soft, and .pletely dry in only 10 seconds. This is the same amount of time it takes a person to dry his or her hands with a paper towel. Tens of thousands of dollars are wasted every year on paper towel costs and paper towel disposal costs. Just imagine, if you will, how much money convention centers, athletic facilities, medical buildings, schools, and hotels invest annually in paper towels. Consider also how much money it costs in human resource hours to pay cleaning staff to dispose of paper towel waste. All of this money can be saved now with an investment in green spec automatic hand dryers. Touch free activation makes this hand dryer ideal for the most sterile of environments. Lab restrooms, medical clinic restrooms, and hospital restrooms can be built with these dryers to block the spread of pathogens that can be transferred between users hands. More importantly, however, an automatic hand dryer eliminates the sanitation problems created by an overflowing trash can full of paper towels. The hygienic benefits generated by automatic hand dryers in the medical field are obvious. They are no less important, however, in the food service industry. This eyesore of a trash can overflowing with paper towels is one of the first things that will elicit a negative review on the Inter.. No one feels drawn to a place that other people have talked down as having filthy restrooms. Even worse public health inspectors will go straight to the restroom and the kitchen to check for sanitation issues. Something as glaring as uncontrolled paper towel waste can result in a citation that will cost the establishment money and damage its reputation even further. By installing automatic hand dryers in kitchens and restrooms, restaurant can eliminate paper towels altogether and significantly improve their health rating automatically by eliminating a significant percentage of their total waste products. With touch free operation, hand dryers minimize the chances of germs spreading between patrons. Finally, the environmental benefits that green spec hand dryers bring to the table are far greater than most people realize. The manufacture of one ton of paper consumes 7,000 gallons of water, uses 360 gallons of oil, and creates 86 pound of pollutants that result in the contamination of an additional 20,000 gallons of water. 17 trees must die, and three cubic yards of landfill space is required for disposal. Paper towels represent an absolute waste of resources than any environmentally conscious business should rid itself of in the interest of a better green image. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: