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North American box office: science fiction, comedy film "strange" to Dr. roost News Agency Beijing in the lead – November 13 Losangeles Xinhua (reporter Zhang Shuo) the North American box office Statistics website boxofficemojo13 released data show that just this past weekend movie market trend slightly weak, 43 films at the box office totaled $157 million 40 thousand, down 18%. Fantasy, adventure, action film "strange" ("Doctor Strange", released a week), holds the box office charts in the top spot, earning $43 million 30 thousand to continue to lead. But last weekend debut cinema scores compared or fell 49.4%. DreamWorks Animation Comedy "magic" (Trolls) to $35 million 50 thousand won the second ranking. Although the cinema has increased, but the box office results fell 24.8%. In November 11th the premiere of suspense, science fiction film "come" ("Arrival"), debut record, earning $24 million to beat by Mel? Gibson’s World War II film "blood" (Hacksaw Ridge) hacksaw ridge, instead, the charts runner up position. Produced by Paramount Pictures "come", is 116 minutes long, directed by Denis Villeneuve?. The film adapted from the Department of computer science, Brown University, enjoys a high reputation of the Chinese American science fiction writer Jiang Nan’s short story "the story of your life". In this work, the alien spacecraft to earth, beautiful redhead star Amy? Adams as linguist employed by the government and alien communication, understand their purpose. However, when the alien language and the visitors exchanges, her eyes unexpectedly presented a complete life from birth to death, known and unknown. Film website time network (mtime) to the arrival of the total score is 8.5 points. The audience commented that this film as many good routines as to surrealism about life attitude. There are more than a month from the time of Christmas, by universal pictures produced the "surreal" — "Christmas" (Almost Christmas) as soon as 11 premiere. Since the production of small comedy film released in three days, for $15 million 560 thousand, ranking fourth. On the weekend list "third" — war film "blood" (Hacksaw Ridge) hacksaw ridge, the closed at $10 million 780 thousand, down 29.1%. In the festival and repeated at the end of the war theme seems heavy or slightly lack of interest, more willing to easily enjoy science fiction or comedy. Next week, the best-selling book "Harry," author J.K. Rowling works, science fiction film "where is the magical animal" (Fantastic Beastsand Where Find Them) will be held on the premiere of 18. The film is undoubtedly high hopes that more than 4000 theaters will be landing. At the end of the Harry – Potter, the magic world fans finally have?相关的主题文章: