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Tailio: cat health guard

pet Maupercik suddenly died of cancer, so that its owner Alex Trevor? Sorry. In Trevor eyes, Persik is home to one of the most important molecules.

"if you know Persik’s health, we can do something more for it, or take action faster." With this in mind, worked for many years in Trevor biotechnology company developed Tailio. In the past, Trevor work aims to enhance the quality of human life now, he hopes to improve the quality of life of the animal to do something.

Tailio is a smart tablet device placed in the litter box under the weight scale shape looks similar to the baby, which can be used to monitor the health status of the cat. Built in the tablet in the chip, you can collect the cat’s weight, stool weight, defecation behavior and other information, to analyze the health of the cat, the relevant data will be sent to the APP software installed on the phone.

once the cat’s health problems, APP software on the phone will promptly send a warning to the owner, and provide suggestions for disposal. The cat and the weight of trend monitoring excretion behavior of a litter box, Tailio can detect some small changes, and these changes may be the cat appeared early signs of health problems. For example, the cat is often susceptible to urinary tract disease, severe cases of urinary obstruction, which is one of the urgent need for medical treatment. Tailio makes a litter box to find the cat health problems become the window.


of the cat, placed in a litter box under Tailio is an almost invisible presence. It does not need to be worn on the cat, and it will not interfere with the daily life of the cat. Trevor said, with the help of Tailio, raising a pet cat family can more easily provide the required care for the cat, the cat to be as healthy as possible to live a happy life.

iCPooch: Internet

whenever and wherever possible and dog

no matter how much you love your pet dog, there’s always a time to be apart from it. It has been estimated that more than 13 million pet dogs are suffering from the separation of their owners. Separated by anxiety, there should be many pet dog owners.

iCPooch is a device to alleviate this separation anxiety, it can help to master and video chat at home dog. No matter where you are in the world, open the APP software, you can see the dog in the phone, and the dog will see the owner’s face in the video device on iCPooch.

main white, both ends of the blue rectangular shape, so that iCPooch looks simple and generous. The iCPooch can be networked to provide an adjustable fixed bracket;