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The passengers "willful jump" caused by the subway escalator stop subway for civilized travel – the new network recently, Dongzhimen in Beijing Metro Line 2 station, take the escalator when a man in the "willful" jump on the front plate lead to 4 escalators, cascade damage, escalator emergency braking. 13 afternoon, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited the scene found that the escalator has been restored to run. In this regard, the Beijing subway call passengers safety, civilized travel. November 10th 16, a male passenger at the Dongzhimen station on the line at the escalator because of jumping on the escalator on the front edge of the weight of the board, causing the escalator emergency outage 2. From a section of the network transmission of the incident can be seen in the surveillance video, in Dongzhimen station B mouth (northeast), an elevator is in the normal operation of the state, a number of passengers take the escalator. Then, a man dressed in a green jacket, the man in blue bottoms will arrive at the escalator when suddenly jump in front legs pressure plate, then the escalator emergency stop running, several passengers still on the escalator because there is no steady and nearly fell. 11, 2009, the Beijing subway through the official micro-blog news release, the behavior of the passengers at the time of the incident, leading to the subsequent impact of the ladder ladder ladder, causing damage to the 4 steps. Beijing Metro official micro said, after the incident, the subway staff will immediately replace the damaged parts, the elevator has been put into use. 13 afternoon, BMC reporter came to Dongzhimen station on line 2 B port, see the accident outage of the escalator has resumed normal operation. A subway staff told reporters BYD, after the incident on the subway B port of the escalator for repair, "second days to see the work normally used". In addition, because of the weight of the passengers leading to the leading edge of the escalator damage, more than a staff member told reporters that had not encountered such a situation. According to media reports, the man stepped on the front edge of the escalator bad, there are passengers questioned, if tens of thousands of people every day after the escalator can be easily trampled bad, whether to prove its own quality not pass? In this regard, Miu Busheng, President of Beijing elevator chamber of Commerce said that when the escalator running, in case of foreign body collision, emergency braking system will play a role. And then continue to run 1 meters or so (depending on the speed of the ladder), so a few sections of the damage to the normal range of 5. The Beijing subway also remind the passengers in the subway is not the "administrative micro-blog, playground, please don’t make the jump, ride the escalator slapstick in other dangerous action, so as to avoid the escalator failure, dangerous or affect other passengers." Passengers for "willful" behavior leads to the subway facilities damaged, BYD reporter learned that, in accordance with the "Beijing rail traffic safety regulations", deliberately damaged subway facilities in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, shall be subject to administrative punishment, specifically by the Beijing traffic enforcement corps brigade to determine the orbit. The subway as a business enterprise and no enforcement power, in the actual case, passengers may also be injured due to damage to the facility, so it is difficult for the company to damage the subway facilities passenger claims. Text newspaper reporter Zhang Fan Liu photo reporter Zhang Fan相关的主题文章: